Dare to Be Activated

Dare to Be Activated

That moment when your mind rages.  The moment you stand up defensively and shout it wasn't me. That time when someone annoys you for pointing out something you did not want to hear, or that reminds you of being an upset child again.  When someone says NO or you are wrong.  When your eyes light up ablaze with awareness and indignation.  That moment is gold. It is one to jump on and witness.  Witness how you deal with it, witness where it came from.  What activated you? Why did it?

Activating, being awake, aware, pissed off are all telling states. I am activating myself in writing this. Do I know what I am doing? Will people care? "Maybe I am getting it wrong?"  It is the moment of truth. Revealing yourself, to hold negative self belief- being authentic about it and letting go in the moment- and just writing, pointing it out, talking about it, just being aware, just admitting, just....changing.  Daring to let go of what you found, daring to peel the layers back, to shed what is no longer needed, unnecessary, damn right false about yourself...or others.  The opposite of activated is dormant. To take anger, upset, passion as purely a state of being unbalanced instead of a gift revealing where you could do better, or unblock certain hurts. 

I used to fly into rages, the people the closest to me got the worst of it. Often it was a chemical imbalance, a lack of food or sleep.  Other times stress upon stress. Being pushed and pulled and feeling people had expectations of me, as well as having expectations of myself.  When the reality veered slightly from what I wanted then BOOM.  There is this explosive underlying tension I feel in so many people, certainly from my experiences of living in the UK.  Maybe it is just a reflection of human's everywhere, and an opportunity for us to EVOLVE.

I journalled and attempted to address the hurt upon hurt, the stress upon stress and the tension I carried, through breathing, journalling, meditating.  I was able to activate and witness these veins of tension imprinted in my energy field but I still felt powerless in dealing with them effectively. You guessed it; AuraTransformation changed all that for me.  Dissolving the old aura structure dissolved the root of the imprint, all the stories of bitterness, hurt, false and negative self belief, ancestral low self-esteem, that I carried around with me lifted.  A thick fog of imprinting that was always between me and the people around me, and anyone I bumped into or would not get out of the fast lane. I notice it the most when I look into my daughters eyes and our eyes beam magical tunnels of love at each other. A clarity and purity of love in our gaze that I never had the joy of experiencing when I was shrouded in an explosive cloak of hurt and anger. Now I have a Crystal aura like hers and she knows it.  She said "mum you are so much gentler after AuraTransformation."

Having an AuraTransformation does not mean that you wont remember all the times you were hurt or angered but for me I feel I can look at my past with distance, and compassion.  It is a gift to be able to let go of all that, but it is up to you if you are willing to let go of the habit of behaving in such a way, even when the root has gone. I still get activated, and hurt.  Rather than blowing off in a rage or collapsing in a whirlwind of emotion, I can take a deep breath, be present about the situation, witness myself.  All in all something that would have taken me days to get over, is addressed and dealt with in a matter of hours.


AuraTransformation does not suddenly turn you into a floaty hippy sprouting positivity. I can still get angry, but without all the weight of the old stuff. Anger at injustice, voiced with clarity is a lot more powerful. Speaking from the heart, thinking from the heart, being in the heart all this is part and parcel of upgrading your aura.

Dare to Be Activated, Dare to Let Go, Dare to Reclaim Yourself.