Accelerated Healing Part II: Unlock Your Potential Physically & Energetically

Accelerated Healing Part II: Unlock Your Potential Physically & Energetically

A beautiful collaboration is emerging between Dare to Be & The Urban Buddha Yoga Studio.   More and more people are choosing to unlock their potential by upgrading their energy field with Dare to Be at The Healing Room.  It has become clear how deep and rapid transformation can really be for those that continue to immerse themselves in Collette’s yoga along side their AuraTransformation.   

The Dare to Be AuraTransformation is one key that unlocks stuck energy and habitual processes and Collette’s ability to unlock the body and emotions is another key.   Then, you are better equipped, empowered and more resilient in pushing the door open and jumping into your new found freedom and embodiment. 

A community of AuraTransformed people is emerging and supporting each other at the monthly Crystal Gatherings too, people have come far and wide to share space (next one is 18th July).  Collette has developed Crystal Yoga specific to Crystallisation (becoming spirit in body) and I guide the group through different themes of energy work and Balancing so that you can apply these tools to daily life. 

 The people who are working with myself, and Collette, and committing to their inner work and pushing through physical and energetic blockages are having the most impressive and noticeable Crystallisation, the process which is set off during the initial treatment of embodying your spirit energy in your body. 

This post is to share Collette’s experiences of the accelerated healing she sees working with people with the Crystal energy, and to read Jana’s life changing experience in working with us both.  

Jana has blossomed amazingly in the last year I have known her.  She originally felt stuck, angry, without purpose, and on a treadmill.  Her Crystallisation process did not go without a hiccup, she came face to face with her blockages.  But with some gentle guidance, some home truths and body work she has kick started into a whole new way of being. It is quite common to have a couple of additional Balancings after your AT, Jana only had one, but not everyone needs it as a rule.  It is a very individual process so therefore between Collette and I we assess what people need. Sometimes a one to one with Collette is optimal.  Now Jana is unable to keep a bounce out of her step nor a smile off her face.  Her Crystal aura is so obvious as well, she quite literally sparkles.   I am really proud of her!

Before- A few years ago

Before- A few years ago

After- still does not do justice to how glowing she really is.

After- still does not do justice to how glowing she really is.

Jana Gorst, Independent Consultant for Arbonne Int. ID441286529

“When I first time met Sarah, I was in a very dark place.  There was this very happy energetic young woman talking about what she used to be like- I identified with what she called Indigo energy, (I had always so far as I can remember problems with the fact that I was born a leader and rebel, and didn't fit into a nice little box of well behaved girls). Indigo energy! – Aha! - that what it is?!  Guess what, despite this I thought I wanted to fit in and foolishly thought that it would make me happy!  WRONG!  For the majority of my life I felt that I was missing a part of a jigsaw. I have been on a journey of self-discovery since I was 17.  I started to read everything to do with self-development, energies, and holistic treatments. I have been on countless courses - you name it, I have done it.

BUT there was always a but, I don't have enough money, I'm not meeting the right people, I have to stay in this "stable" job despite the fact that every cell of my body screams its wrong place to be in. But I was scared.  What if I can’t support myself, and now, my family. 

Fast forwarding to the time when I met Sarah. Although my brain didn't probably have a clue what the heck she was on about, my inside was screaming - YES go for it! So I hold my breath and jumped!!!!! And boy what a ride! My AuraTransformation happened in August last year.  The AT and the 2 weeks afterwards were like a dream.  I felt really good. Then I felt like I was stagnating a bit, and Sarah suggested a Balancing session.  I must admit, that I was a little bit skeptical at that point, as I felt I didn't want to be "dependent" on someone else and "nothing much " was happening.  "Why are all these people talking about spiritual stuff when it wasn't happening to me".  Sarah called me up on my anger issues, making me face them.  She also gave me a gentle reminder to start doing physical activity (sport, massage, dance), to take responsibility for my energy.  Why don't you come for yoga with Collette? "If I have to....?" Well, what a surprise! I tried the Higher Self yoga and fell in love with it.  I started running, changed my diet and lost 9 kg. 

Then I started to go to Collette one to one sessions! OH MY GOD! What a transformation! It feels like somebody pressed speed button on my Crystallisation along the way.  I'm in love, with the whole world.  I started a new business, love talking to people, and I can’t stop singing.  My heart feels like it wants to explode with love and I want to sprinkle it everywhere.  Do I sound mad? Probably! But tell you what, it never felt better.  I'm looking forward to every day with expectation of some kind of miracle on the way.   It there is anyone reading this having doubts whether to go for AuraTransformation or not - UNLESS YOU DONT WISH TO UNLOCK YOUR OWN POWERS, go for it. The new energies I have been reading about for a long time - well I am starting to feel and live them! And it a beautiful place to be!!! Love to everyone!”


Collette Corcoran, owner at The Urban Buddha, yoga and spiritual teacher has written:

“Working with Jana in one to one sessions has been a pleasure. It is clear that the Crystal aura allows for an accelerated path of healing and realisation, since I had the treatment myself..  I knew that working one to one with someone with the Crystal aura would have great benefits as Sarah's own physical results have been pretty astounding (removing a deep rooted twist on her back from a fall that would have otherwise taken years of physio therapy.) Jana was no exception, after just one session it was clear that the energetic body was working hand in hand with the physical, every yoga asana (posture) very quickly exposed and released something in Jana. After just three sessions with me - her body really began to open and move - resulting in a really deep posture being achieved and with it a new path for her divine feminine energy to come through.  Jana is certainly sparkling - her approach, mind set and physicality has completely changed. She is embracing life and feeling the impact that an open body has on the Crystallisation process. Dare to Be’s AuraTransformation allows me to reveal blockages so much quicker to my clients and in return allows them to process and release them.”

AuraTransformation can appear to be a scary step in self-development, a bit like a jump into the void, but I am proud to say that at The Urban Buddha you can really find what you need, in inner strength, inspiration, empowerment, body work, community and support to help you through the transition of embodying your higher self and becoming all you can be.

Join us for an Introductory talk about AuraTransformation with Dare to Be on the 18th July at 3pm at The Urban Buddha.