The Balancing

The Balancing session happens a day or so after the initial AuraTransformation™ and lasts 1 to 1.5 hours.  Some people may need an additional Balancing to help the Crystallisation of your spirit energy, or due to high levels of spiritual energy unfolding, or trauma.  

During the Balancing session the love-intelligent energy and I facilitate your consciousness to balance out the four elements and your male and female energies.   A real sense of wholeness, balance and well-being is achieved. 

No two AuraTransformations™ are the same.  It depends on how clear and conscious you were before and how stuck in old patters of behavior you were.  You can carry on the habit of old patterns of behavior even if the root cause has been dissolved.   The more inner work you have accomplished the more subtle, yet beautiful the effects can be.  I am feeling the affects more now, months down the line than I did directly after.  


The fifth dimensional platform is the Fire element found burning from the heart.   With an AuraTransformation™ your one heart chakra burns for your dharma; your life purpose, what you are passionate about.  You are able to prioritse dramatically to only expend energy on the essentials that your spirit is passionate about.  Anything that does not serve you is burnt away and falls aside. 


The Earth element corresponds to how grounded you are, many people often feel very ungrounded, as if they are not really connected here to our planet, that from a young age they would rather be somewhere else, in the clouds, on another planet.    Feeling like their life is happening to someone else.

The Water element corresponds to your emotions.   Sometimes your waters can be stagnant, or unmoving, as if you have been stuck in the same emotional quagmire for centuries, repeating the same traumas and set of behaviours over and over again.  Water retains the energetic imprint of emotions so if there is a lack of flow in your water element you could feel very stuck.   Sometimes your water element can feel like it is missing, like you are unconsciously skipping over certain issues. 

The Air element corresponds to your thoughts, ideas and mind-full space.  I have discovered that many people do not realize that they are not their minds alone.  That we are infinitely more complex than simply the thought we hear in our heads.   If you have an over-active air element you are in a state of unbalance with your other elements which can lead to stress on the rest of your body.  

After a balancing with an Aura Mediator™ there is a sense of wholeness that can not be described and can only be experienced. There is nothing like the feeling of being completely in your body and of burning for your passion, having a clear mind, calm emotions and your feet firmly planted on the earthly plane.