A wonderful mother and daughter testimonial combo! Enjoy


Getting my aura transformed has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  I was nervous at first, but Sarah has been a continued source of support in my spiritual journey.  I have noticed that there is a difference in the way I treat myself and talk to myself, I am not so critical or abusive; I am more loving and more positive, and rarely comfort eat.


I have always been an adventurous person but since my AuraTransformation, I have experienced an even greater desire to live life in its entirely and to stop second guessing myself.  The amount of appreciation I have for life and all those in it, including myself, and especially for my body, has increased exponentially! I feel a deeper sense of compassion for animals, and I have an even greater desire to become more understanding of others and to help where I can.

The last few months have been very introspective and I feel like I am finally tying up loose ends and working through emotional wounds of the past, that I hadn't realised were still so raw.  I feel especially fortunate to have Sarah, just an email away, who checks up on me frequently to see how I am handling the adjustment period, and I know that if I need someone to talk to about what I am experiencing, that she is always there. 

Every day I notice that I have more energy in the morning - waking up is no longer a hassle or a chore and I am able to meditate for longer, because I feel like I have less mental clutter.  Recently I have noticed that my yoga practice has become stronger and I have become more consistent with it.  Though I am only a few months into this amazing new journey that I have undertaken as a result of getting an AuraTransformation, I am enjoying life now more than I ever thought possible, excited and open to the possibilities of the future, and no longer hung up on pain of the past.  I am happy, and I am thankful. 

Rhea Gibbons


AuraTransformation…..? I had no idea what it was, but I did know that I was not living as me.  I was lost.  I have been in the process of freeing myself of stress, worry and bitterness for the last few years. The process has been slow to trying to live a healthier life physically and mentally.  But it still wasn’t right…..I was not done.

I met Sarah through my daughter who was on her own journey.  Sarah’s face was shiny and bright.  I wanted to look, feel and be like that, too!  We had not planned to do the AT when we did, but we knew it was going to happen. 

My AT experience was different from my daughter’s and I think that everyone will explain it differently.   But the after effects are amazing.  My energy field is protected.  I am able to pick up on energy of people whom I meet and make a decision as to whether I want to even converse with them or not.  


The AuraTransformation allowed me to reclaim my power and to learn how to use it to my benefit.  There is no more chatter in my head (ancestral chatter) and I am much more relaxed and in control of my life.  I must admit, that at first, I felt like I was just learning how to drive again.  I would look for the anxious feeling in crowds or when another person was confrontational.  Sometimes, I would get a headache and would need to constantly rebalance and to remember to use my intuition to keep myself safe.  During the first few months, I would cry at the slightest thing and feelings were amplified.  I was always the type of person who would not mince words, but I found myself voicing my opinions to people in a disagreement without being able to stop! 

Now, I am finally at peace and happy.  I am in control of my life.  I know where I want to go and how I want to get there.  I use my intuition to ask the universe for what I need and it has not failed me yet.

Thank you, Sarah for sharing your light!