Old Time, Indigo & Crystal Auras


Raising Awareness

From experience it appears that talking about Indigo and Crystal Children to people in the UK is less accepted than it is in Scandinavian countries where the consciousness and spirituality of children is a topic of interest. The happiness of society is based around the health of their children.  If you struggle with these topics you may be more interested in the benefits the treatment can bring you.    

Old Time Aura Structure

Born Before 1987

Anyone born before 1987 has the Old Time aura structure, with the Old Time soul and karma based way of life, which is, over time, being replaced with a new operating system in tune with the next evolutionary phase of life on Earth.  

As the Old aura structure dissolves it leaves people open, unprotected, sensitive and tired and no longer able to manage consistently with the New Time energies.   Some people build up a temporary aura to protect themselves but this takes constant awareness, self-care and practice to maintain daily.   Adults with the Old Time aura structure could burn up several times a day trying to keep up with today’s children and people with the New Aura Structure.  

You may not only have the Old Time energy surrounding you, you may have been born with a spark in the Indigo energy, or Crystal energy could be lying dormant in your consciousness. 

During an AuraTransformation™ outmoded soul energy bodies in the aura are signed off and replaced by an Indigo/Crystal balance body, which allows adults to live more comfortably and energetically in the New Time.  Allowing for their true life purpose to emerge.  I personally feel like I am in constant meditation now, constantly aware and awake. 

Transition Children


From 1987- 91 would benefit from a minor AuraTransformation™ or Aura Adjustment.

From 1992-94 would benefit from an Aura Adjustment. 

These transition children are born with a mixture of the Old aura structure and Indigo aura they find it hard to decided between the established path and being rebellious. They are not fully protected from the outside world, since the Old Aura is partially dissolved. They find it hard to set boundaries for themselves and with others. They are very assertive and direct but find it hard when someone is like that with them. Finding balance in their life is difficult and having troubled minds they often experience great distress. They can seem calm and well from the outside but lack decisiveness. Having an AuraTransformation™ means they can really take off, as their stronger personality emerges. All of their spiritual energy, or spark has been lying dormant in their auric field and becomes finally connected with their body. The Old Time karma soul energy needs to be replaces with New Time free and unstructured spirit energy to achieve balance between the inner and outer personality.
— Anni Sennov - Balance on All Levels
When children and young people lack inner balance it spreads itself instantly to all those around them in daily life and so then there is also an external imbalance that one has to deal with as a parent.
— Anni Sennov - Balance on All Levels

The people with Old Time Aura’s having an AuraTransformation™ often brings more balance to the situation since the person with the New Time energy is not trying to ‘shake up’ the Old Time energy to come up to speed.

Indigo Aura Structure


“Indigo Children” are born between 1995-2004, they would benefit from a Balancing from an Aura Mediator™ but they do not need an AuraTransformation™, they have a balance body already.  Their care givers would greatly benefit from an AuraTransformation™ to enable communication.

These children are born with a far stronger energy output and aura than their parents. Indigoes have 3 major energy points or chakras. Their auras are protective and magnetic, like a giant, deep indigo membrane with a mass of sparks, like a diving suit connected to the body. They have their spirit body and intuition connected to the physical body so it is a short step from thought to action. They can use their intuition to attract the right people and situations but they can also be read like a book. They are natural healers and have an immense human potential and are eager to share this. They are channels of cosmic energy.
— Anni Sennov - Balance on All Levels

Indigo Children are born with a total balance which is anchored deep inside themselves even though it may not appear that way from the outside. Their intuition reacts instantly if something is not right in their immediate surroundings. Also, they show little respect for people who don’t respect themselves or for outdated, established, authoritative systems.

They are the bridge builders between the Old and New Time and therefore have had to struggle being labeled as rebels or at worst having ADHD or depression due to their sensitive natures.  

Indigoes have a strong intuition and find it very difficult to lie to themselves because their body will simply reveal everything or go on strike whenever they or others attempt to force them into something they do not want to do.
— Anni Sennov - Balance on All Levels

The children can often seem antisocial and enormously provocative because of their boundlessness and seeming lack of respect for many things. This especially seems to show up in situations where the balance is missing between the people that they are with and when there is a lack of action from the adults present to take conscious initiative to bring balance to the immediate situation as well as to the world at large.

Transition Children

2004 - 2009

Children born between 2004 and 2009 have a mixture of the Indigo and the Crystal aura.  They would benefit form body centered treatments or being around other New Time people. We believe that AuraTransforming parents of Crystal Children is a necessity so they can better assist their children in navigating a world full of Old Time energy.

Crystal Aura Structure

2009- to the Present


Children born from 2009 to the present have a fully developed Crystal aura and fully Crystallized physical body, the difference is that the persons spiritual energy is located within the body.  The aura is a delicate pink, purple, crystalline, diamond, crystal clear visibly shimmering radiance which is much harder in energy structure than Indigoes.   

Crystal Children have the truth fully integrated in their hearts, are very pure in terms of energy and are very honest and extreme truth seekers in the way they deal with others.  Crystals do not function as channels like Indigoes.  They are a closed circuit; a cosmic source in themselves, with their spiritual energy located inside the body (whereas with Indigoes the spirit is located outside the body as enhanced radiance).   They are capable of charging themselves up as long as there is peace and balance around them in daily life.  People cannot steal energy from them, but can copy their energy output, and if they are over copied they can overheat.   The mission of Crystal Children is to allow their parents and adults to copy them so that they can transform society.  (Balance on All Levels, AS)

You can only act as a cosmic source if you have your heart chakra as the only activated chakra.
— Anni Sennov - Balance on All Levels
The new children are far more clear and direct by nature than the majority of adults, who often let their thoughts, feelings and actions run away with them. If there is something the children do not want to do, it will take an incredibly large number of sensible arguments to convince them that they actually have to.

The Old Time ways are hard for them to understand but consistent clear parenting and boundary setting and respect both ways goes a long way. 

These new children don’t voluntarily surround themselves with limiting ways of thinking or with people with manipulative or degenerative energies, they know deep down what is and is not good for them. If the parents decide something other than what the Crystal Children know is true, one can be certain that problems will arise quickly. Crystal Children carry a strong fire deep within themselves, which can make any unbalanced situation around them break down completely.  

If they are pushed away from their inner truth, their spirit energy is transformed into a huge fire.

New Time pregnancies can be very difficult, and can make the mother feel very unwell as her body tries to match the huge energy input of her growing baby.   If the young children develop eczema, allergies or sever fevers the parent’s energy is too far below theirs.  The child’s illness causes the parents to ‘wake up’. 

Since having my treatment life has transformed beautifully. I feel in harmony with the New Time energies surrounding us all and able to utilise them to realise my dreams and stay in balance. Having a Crystal aura allows you to know what you want and do not want it life more clearly. My strong heart chakra burns all that no longer serves me away, and helps me follow my passion. You too can have this strength and empowerment.