Immediately after the Aura Transformation I felt something was different.

Below are two testimonials from Joelle.  Scroll down for a review one year since her treatment...


"I was in two minds about getting an Aura Transformation. My mind said it was all charlatan stuff, whilst in my heart I kept being drawn to it. My heart said yes because I had met Sarah and felt how different and strong she was - and I wanted it too. My mind read Anni Sennov's book and thought not much of it (sorry Anni!).

In the end, I followed my heart, and had my Aura Transformation 7 weeks ago. I'm very happy that I did. It is changing my life - not in a dramatic, visible manner, but as a subtle and profound revolution. People haven't commented on how different I am, but I feel better, I live more, I breathe better, and I am more myself. It's early days, and I know I need a lot more time, rest more, sit quietly more to let more of it in. But it's definitely happening.

Immediately after the Aura Transformation I felt something was different. I couldn't quite place what it was till a couple of days later: a deeply seated shyness, or inhibition, had gone. I could do things and I no longer felt like I was silly or about to be told off, for instance no longer felt silly doing exercises in the garden, or embarrassed by my goitre, and felt free to go riding my bike…

Before, I felt a near-constant embarrassment about nothing I could really place and did my best to ignore it, and built a very self-confident image. But deep down, this embarrassment sometimes stopped me doing things. I understood it was in fact linked to my energy and energy levels.

After the Transformation, it feels completely natural to be embarrassment-free, shyness-free. When I stray into old patterns, all I need to do is think of AT, and this new reality sweeps me over to a comforting and powerful, happy strength. I do need to be mindful of it, but feeling shy is so intolerable now that I don't need much mindfulness!

As a result, I accomplish more, I'm more relaxed, breathe better without having to think about it. My belly is more relaxed. Small annoyances don't bother me anymore either.

I've started to enjoy life more, surround myself with things of beauty again: I wear jewellery again, bought hand-made objects for the house. I have plans to develop my massage business in a way that pleases me - and it became apparent that I wasn't satisfied with some aspects of my other job, and I'm changing that too. I also have taken up meditation again, in a small easy way, and find it easier to look after myself.

Sarah had warned me that I probably would feel very tired because of the severe depletion in my energy, and that she anticipated I would need a lot more rest in the weeks following my Aura Transformation. It hasn't happened quite like that: in the past few weeks, I still have had energy ups and downs, as I used to. But the highs are much higher, and the lows less low.

I do need rest, and for the first time, I have experimented with cat naps, which did me good. I've had a chronic health problem, which hasn't improved as yet and is still causing me trouble. I tolerate it better though. I still get days where I want to do nothing, just collapse and recharge my batteries sitting in the garden, but it doesn't last all day or happens as often as before. Instead, I sit quietly for a while, and it's enough.

So on the whole, I thank my lucky stars that I did come across Aura Transformation. It's only writing this that I realise how much it is doing for me. Thank you Sarah and all AT people who have made this possible.
It has only been a month since I had an Aura Transformation from Sarah. It’s too early to give a full testimonial as I’m still ‘settling in’, but the changes I’ve noticed so far have been so significant I had to write something in the meantime, for others who may be considering having an AT themselves. In honesty, I was pretty sceptical when I first heard about it, but it kept popping back into my head and just seemed to present itself to me as the right thing for me to do. So I went for it."
Joelle from  Body Time Massage  (Amazing Lomi Lomi!)

Joelle from Body Time Massage (Amazing Lomi Lomi!)

One year on...........

"Reflecting on how AT changed things for me and changed my life over the course of the past year, I notice how it was a quiet, gentle and slow process, unlike what people often report.

But that in itself was a great change. Most of my adult life I experienced dramatic healing crises whenever I made attempts at purifying or healing or any similar evolutionary process (and what you call “doing the work”).

With AT, for the first time nothing of the sort happened. It all unfolded gently and slowly in the background, only to reveal the effects gradually.
I learned that my body and mind respond well to gentle and kind self-care, to gentle self-love - a new thing to me! I no longer get angry or frustrated at myself when things don’t move fast enough, when I think I made a mistake or when I’m not as proficient in all things as I always expected from myself. In fact, I can also say that I no longer have unrealistically high expectations of myself, and no longer drive myself ruthlessly to avoid “failure” -  failure has become only one quite irrelevant way to look at any given outcome. Failure or success don’t seem to exist like they did, but rather co-exist happily within all outcomes, faded and lost in the multiple components of the outcome. The outcome itself doesn’t matter so much anymore, compared to the experience that precedes it, and the one that follows. Outcome is no longer the all important goal, just a small punctuation mark in a long line of events.

I think I can say this new me is more like the true me. I can relax more, nothing matters so dramatically now. I can change course easily if necessary, I don’t have to prove anything. But I still have desires, and they feel more elastic and less like campaigns.
I don’t get irritated by small things: I really can’t be bothered. Peace and harmony have become the main focus. (But I have noticed that I still get very angry when people do me wrong!)

As a result, I’m able to interact with other people more calmly and probably laugh a lot more. I certainly do inside. Living is better. It’s more fun.

This gentleness came over as a revolution in my life. People had in the past talked to me about it, but I never managed to enforce it, quite obviously!! AT and the subsequent balancing sessions (I had 2) cleared some rubbish in its way, and it was able to naturally rise and shine.

When I work with you I put myself in service to you, I become a mirror for you. I believe we are here to help each other coach our spiritual energy into the Now.

You are an inspiration to me and I would love to hear your stories even if you have not had an AuraTransformation™ and I may have inspired you on the way. So, please contact me privately to share your thoughts or join in with comments on my facebook page.

Many wonderful thanks to you.
— Sarah J