I am very excited about having a Frequently Asked Questions section. I have answered the questions below probably a 1000 times! If I have missed a question do let me know and I will add it!

-Sarah x
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Why is AT trademarked?

People get het up about the TM, it is simply to ensure that someone offering the treatment is fully qualified to do so and has been trained by Anni Sennov  or a recognised instructor.  It is to safeguard that the treatment is done properly and safely. You do not want just anyone tinkering and attempting to dissolve your aura!


The Aura Mediator Course™

It is an amazing way of working with people and a huge step up in your personal energy.  Get in touch with me if you are interested.  First step is to have your AuraTransformation! I cannot wait for the consciousness raising aspect of our communities by having more and more Aura Mediators in the UK!


Does it work on everybody?

I have AT’d hundreds of people, and it is very very rare that someone says they do not sense a big change. People that sit back and expect transformation to happen to them are set to be in the slow lane! Consciously working with your new aura, sorting your energy, processing emotion, and actively dropping old beliefs and perspectives that do not fit into the new energies is a sure way of your AT to be a big success. I have a lot of tools and techniques and programs to help you do this essential work, alongside your crystallisation (see www.withsarahj.com). Saying that no two AT’s are the same, it really depends on what you want from it, where you are in your development, how dedicated you are to shedding what no longer serves you.


I have done NO self development work, will it work for me?

I have AT’d people from all walks of life.  From scientists, to teachers, car mechanics, massage therapists, fashion magazine editors, to engineers and shamans!  There is no ‘type’.  People are getting the sense that something is missing or they no longer have energetic protection, and on some level their spirit is marching them towards AT because they want to fast track their development.  Self- work and spiritual understanding is not necessary to having the aura upgrade.  Read the book and you are good to go!


I have done years of self development and spiritual practice do I need this?

Having an AT after years of seeking, and self work is like the final cherry on the top. Really dissolving the parts of the Old Aura which are still lingering, such as ancestral imprints, old traumas, and karmic ties with certain people.   It is the final clear out.  As well as a chance to have a renewed aura structure, firmly grounded, and radiant with health and vitality and planting you firmly in the New Time energies.


Is this like a magic wand? Am I cheating my Karmic lessons?

AT is NOT a magic wand erasing all your problems!  The expansion of your consciousness will give you a much wider perspective on your life, and the new  heart chakra, and an increased capacity for compassion for yourself and others to resolve big and small problems coming your way and in your past.

By dissolving your Old Aura we are dissolving many old ties and karmic bonds to certain timelines and people. So you do get a lot of healing, resolution and distance to toxic stories in your life.  You still have to act, and do the work in letting these go, but the attachment will be much reduced.

Finally, your lessons HAVE to be learned. You can not just erase them and that is it, the learning needs to be absorbed.  In my experience you go through a heightened emotional detox and self development period i the months after your AT, where you learn and let go at an accelerated rate.  So no cheating. Just a fast track.


How do I know if I have a leaky aura?

Read my article on having a leaky aura, or no aura at all.  Almost 80% of people I AT have next to no aura left!!  If you do lots of self care just to feel OK then it is probably a sure sign that you are building a daily, temporary aura, which wears off as the day goes on.


Can I still do yoga or practices that focus on the 7 chakra system.

Yes!  You may feel less drawn to Old Aura healing modalities (there is nothing wrong with 3D modalities, we need them in the world to heal Old Auras).  Having one big heart chakra instead of 7, (or 12, or 56) is that it is far simpler to balance.   Instead of spinning 7 plates, your information is filtered in and out of the heart!

When I go to a yoga class or someone speaking of the chakras, I simply, and respectfully, filter the info through my heart.  I still have a spine, I am still have human functions…I have an up and a down…I have a throat that communicates, and a womb that creates….I just do not focus on chakras in that way.  It is not a problem having one chakra, on the contrary, it is a beautiful, simple, expanded and whole feeling.


Sarah, do you see auras?

I address this question in my second video.  I do see auras but not in the way you might think! Watch to find out!


My child is difficult, can you work on them?

This is a common question. The Indigo & Crystal Children of today, have come as harbingers of change and peace in the world. They are here to raise our frequency and vibration. If you are a parent, and your child is playing up or struggling, it is often because they are reacting to what is in your Old Aura which is no longer serving you, them and our evolution as a species.

The best answer to this question, is that before working on a child, AT the parent.  It is really like heaven on earth living in a house with Crystal adults and children.  Having your spirit embodied, and a clear aura is like meeting your child for the first time, you can see them far more clearly and they can see you!    I have worked with children in the past, to help them learn simple energy hygiene and meditations practices so they can feel balanced and safe but starting with the parents is a much better long term solution!


What happens if my partner doesn’t do it?

I always say, if the love is there, the love it there. If you love your partner on a spirit to spirit level then having the AT can only bring you closer.  Your partner will see you  become clearer, freer, more loving and less weighed down, I am sure he or she would not complain about that.

If you have the new aura it is different to the Old Aura, it is more dense energetically, more boundaried, and more protective, and sometimes larger than the Old Aura, so there is a chance that your partner will not see ALL of you, in that there will be areas of your consciousness that your partner may not be aware of. But, is that not the case anyway?  We always have areas of our self that the other can not see, so really it makes no difference.  It is amazing when both parties do it, and even more so if there are children invovled, see answer below.


Do you do couples?

I have AT’d many couples.  I can not do them at the same time though, but one after the other is the preferred way.  Sometimes people come months later than their partner, or bring their new partners. The New Time relationships are exciting, and clearer!


When do I know I have Crystallized?

This is also a common questions. There is no order and reason to your Crystallization. You can Crystallize 80% of your body in 3 months, and the next 20% takes a year.  There is no race to Crystallize either, there is no end goal!  You could muscle test to see how Crystallized you are, but really, I do not see the point in it. Just enjoy the process of becoming more and more embodied.  I always feel the best is to come with AT. Even years after mine, I still feel the benefits.

Also people are Crystallizing much faster these days! And very fit and healthy in their body or have Crystal personality traits may have  started to Crystallize in their body prior to their AT, they just need the Aura Structure to go with it. So they may Crystallize faster.  Again, it is not a race and every case is different and individual.  You don’t want to Crystallize too quick either, embodying your higher self too fast would be uncomfortable.


Can I go to work after having my AT?

People do go back to work after their AT, and back to busy family life, if you can spare a free afternoon or a weekend after your AT that would be nice for your experience but not essential. At the end of the day, you need to live your normal life to start registering changes.


Do I need to prepare before?

Apart from reading the book and getting yourself informed there is nothing to do before your AT regarding diet or prep.  But, I suggest avoiding alcohol prior to your AT, see questions below.


Drugs & Alcohol?

It is important to not have taken recreational drugs 6 months prior to your AT, and it is not recommended if you have a marijuana or alcohol dependence.

It is recommended to avoid alcohol for the two months after your AT.  Nothing bad will happen if you do, just worse hangovers. The Crystal energy is looking for balance in your system, and alcohol does the opposite. So you just make the journey harder. Most people find this easy at first, alcohol wont taste great for a while as your frequency changes.

The same applies to smoking; do you want to Crystallize as a Crystal clear crystal or a smokey one.  AT is a great time to break old habits and introduce new ones. Try stopping with the shift in your consciousness, you may be surprised how easy it is!


Is taking Anti-depressants OK with having an AT?

No, that is one of the first questions I ask people and you will find it in the questionnaire.  AT is working with your consciousness, so we do not want to work against, or fight with your medication.  Also, if you are taking anti depressants it indicates that you could not deal with your emotions or difficult energies.  It is important to feel ready to deal with emotional processing, and a shift in consciousness.

Some people use AT as the light at the end of the anti-depressant tunnel, but I am very strict about coming off the medication with your doctors approval and gradually, and have the necessary 6 months clear of them, before having the AT.  My other modalities can really help you on this journey.


What shall I do after my sessions?

It is beautiful to go and connect with nature and go for a walk, and spend time alone in your new aura, before connecting with others, and technology.   Some people mention how alive they feel, how their vision becomes clearer and high definition.