What happens During an AuraTransformation™

Moving away from mind-centered life to begin thinking with your heart.

Daring to be in the New Time

As an adult we must choose the New Time energy consciously, it can be difficult to admit that your personal energies are no longer enough.   The fact you are reading this means you have put the message out to the universe that you wanted to expand your consciousness.   You need to want to dare to take responsibility for your own life, to step away from the negative personal imprinting and history blocking your path.  

Symptoms of Needing an Upgrade

There are a number of physical indications that you may need to upgrade your aura structure, such as;

  • allergies
  • skin problems
  • ringing ears
  • light sensitivity
  • shortness of breath
  • flu symptoms
  • joint pain
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • sleep difficulties
  • irritability and frustration takes over
  • negative mind chatter
  • repeating the same sets of behaviours
  • feel like life is happening to someone else
  • oversensitive to everything, even yourself
  • a need to self-treat, meditate, exercise, do spiritual practices daily or you wont feel 'right'
  • life changing at a rapid rate
  • a feeling that your consciousness is changing faster than you can keep up with.



Reclaim Yourself

An AuraTransformation™ in itself is not a quick fix solution to solving all of life's problems.  Rather it opens a doorway to a process of reclaiming your own power.  After you will have the ability to solve problems faster and more effectively than before.  During an AuraTransformation™ we dissolve trauma, blockages and undesirable thinking and behavior patterns as opposed to slowly working through them over time.  Allowing for your life purpose to emerge as your spiritual energy has room to unfold.  

Aura Meditators™

To upgrade to the New Time energies you need an Aura Mediator™; a materialising force from the outside which has the energy in place to connect the spirit energy with the body through the balance body.   An Aura Mediator™ holds a large inner balance and has a powerful ability to both dematerialise and materialise the energy in the aura.  

The AuraTransformation™

Once you have read Balance on All Levels by Anni Sennov you can book your treatment.  An AuraTransformation™ is a powerful energy treatment that lasts a maximum of 4.5 hour in two parts.  The AuraTransformation™ itself lasts 3 hours with the Aura Mediator™ holding your ankles whilst you lie down.  As we talk we illuminate what needs to come up to be dissolved.    A day or so later you have a Balancing which last 1 to 1.5 hours.  The stages are briefly explained below.  

Healing Phase

During the first stage of an AT we rebalance all the chakras and fill the client with their own spiritual energy, gathered from all relationships, events, times and spaces.  When you have seven chakras you can feel many things, say another, mean something else and act entirely differently. 

Dissolving the Old

Dissolving of the old Aura Structure is relatively fast.  Where the Etheric, Astral and Lower Mental energy bodies are absorbed outwards by pure spiritual energy.   Old karma is dissolved here, and a feeling of lightness can be felt.   Dissolving the Lower Mental energy body was an immense relief for me, all the negative and accumulated judgmental mind chat in my mind completely gone.  



During the consciousness expansion phase, your spiritual energy finally has room to unfold fully, clients often report a real sense of coming home and excitement for their future and rekindling of forgotten passions, dreams and wishes.

Balance Aura Body

Finally the Balance Aura Body is established which establishes a communication between your spirit and physical body.  This radiant, magnetic, grounding, protective and intelligent aura structure cocoons you.  A real sense of safety and comfort is felt. 

This is the magical tool that we teach you to work with through out your life-time. It is incredibly responsive and can be used to rebalance yourself in every moment of your life. 

Balanced people balance themselves, hence AuraTransformation™ is incredibly empowering.   People often feel very heavy coming out of an AuraTransformation™, and I like to say :-

Welcome to your body.