This isn’t a quick fix like some would suggest, it does accelerate the process of containing your higher self in your physical body but you still go through a ‘heightened’ and somewhat ‘condensed’ process of working on your self. You still feel all the growth along the way.
— Collette Corcoran
Sarah again amazed me in her ability to draw out events that had occurred a long time into my past, in a few cases, into childhood that needed healing.
— Roz Pilling
I felt like I always had something holding me back in life, that I was always fighting some unseen force. And I was tired. Tired of not enjoying life.
— Catrin Jones
I feel like a new me gets to walk this earth and it’s quiet sublime. This journey I believe is only going to get better. Thank you Sarah Jennings for this beautiful experience and for completely moving my being.
— Serona Naidoo
I found Sarah a calm & wise woman full of strength & understanding.
— Miranda Gilbert
It feels like I’ve learnt something that I can share with others too, the technique is really easy and accessible, it just takes practice.
— Natalie
Immediately after the Aura Transformation I felt something was different.
— Joelle
I was happy enough before, but just kinda plodding along with life... The changes since have made me feel positively alive and ready to seize every opportunity and live life to the full!
— Ellie Appleton
My kids are so enjoying the new shinier, sparklier Mum - and responding with so much fun and lightness, they can’t get enough of me!
— Sal
I felt incredibly centred, grounded and totally connected.
— Claire Freeman
I am much stronger and far less indecisive.
— Nicky Sharky
I am happier and more content than I have ever been. I feel like I’ve grown into myself and my skin fits, at last!
— Jane Keogh
I found that there was always that elusive thing that stood in my way, held me back and so with every step forward there were always those inevitable two steps back everyone refers to! That is until I had an AuraTransformation™ with Sarah...
— Cindy Paige

When I work with you I put myself in service to you, I become a mirror for you. I believe we are here to help each other coach our spiritual energy into the Now.  

You are an inspiration to me and I would love to hear your stories even if you have not had an AuraTransformation™ and I may have inspired you on the way. So, please contact me privately to share your thoughts or join in with comments on my facebook page. 

Many wonderful thanks to you.