The Alchemy of Daring to Decondition:

Untangling Sarah


Once my story was born it became very difficult to cut any parts from it. Here's a summary, but you are more than welcome to read the full tale if you dare!

Sarah  - Your Aura Mediator

Sarah - Your Aura Mediator

I grew up Cocooned In Inspiration and I only just realised!  I pushed the boundaries of my mind, body and soul since moving to the UK.  I learnt by studying Activism that to take charge of your life, to Tend To Your Own Garden (and live in a Bender) was a way of being in service to the world and community.  Scrambling The Imprinting, shedding the unnecessary and old, became my goal, through all means imaginable until I made myself ill and had to Go Natural, curing my skin disorder with conscious nutrition.

My work has led me to Navigating The Intercultural Highway, whether it was working for a Development Education Centre, the Welsh Assembly Government, or Oxfam, I have always believed in what I do. 

Aisla and I with our Easter Bonnets

Standing On My Own Two Feet as a mother was tough but achieved with determination and the discovery of hidden gifts like Healing Hands and shamanic visions.  Learning that Love Just Is from an unlikely cosmic visionary friend (another me) has set me on the path of No Fear.  

How Falling Off The Wagon and almost crippling myself led me to abandon the rat race and gave me the opportunity to Magically Break & Make Habits.  Unbeknownst to me my deep inner work and hermitude prepared me for the most magical experience of my life.   Having an AuraTransformation™ and becoming whole with a Crystal Future has been the ultimate advance in my evolution. 

Now I invite you to Be Like An Arrow With Me As Your Mirror and let me share My Mantras with you that I love to live by.  

I also invite you to share your story with me, let us co-create inspiration together.