Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens during an AuraTransformation™?
  2. What is the normal process following an AuraTransformation™?
  3. Is there a way back if I regret having done the AuraTransformation™?
  4. Will I have more self love and self confidence after my AuraTransformation™?
  5. Will all my problems get resolved by having an AuraTransformation™?
  6. Will I be cured from physical diseases and mental imbalances if I get an AuraTransformation™?
  7. I have suffered from depression from before, but I would really like to go through with an AuraTransformation™. Is this ok?
  8. If a person has clairvoyant and healing abilities, how will an AuraTransformation™ affect this, and how will it affect their spiritual development?
  9. Why do some have an easier time in the period following an AuraTransformation™ than others?
  10. I have had an AuraTransformation™. How can I be sure that I am karma free, when I still very much think and feel that I am influenced by karma?


All these questions are answered on the official AuraTransformation™ website here

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