I highly recommend both Sarah and AuraTransformation. Its been around 18 months since my AuraTransformation, I can honestly say that now I’m finally becoming who I’m suppose to be. I spent many years of my life just trying to get by and survive, often feeling depressed and unfulfilled. My life in the past felt meaningless with no purpose or sense of direction and out of alignment with my true nature.

After AuraTransformation I now feel that my higher self has integrated into my body and this has been reflected in my outer world. I live a life beyond my wildest dream, I’m extremely passionate about my work and I live and work in an environment which I love and thrive in, I have attracted the man of my dreams and I feel fulfilled and abundant on every level.

I believe that everyone deserves to live this way and that true healing of the planet, will happen when we align with our higher selves. If you are feeling the call to step into your power and your authentic self, AuraTransformation is definitely for you.

Stacey Moroney


Aya Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, David Wolfe Health Coach/ Nutritionist Lives in Peru.

When I work with you I put myself in service to you, I become a mirror for you. I believe we are here to help each other coach our spiritual energy into the Now.

You are an inspiration to me and I would love to hear your stories even if you have not had an AuraTransformation™ and I may have inspired you on the way. So, please contact me privately to share your thoughts or join in with comments on my facebook page.

Many wonderful thanks to you.
— Sarah J