It is important  to understand what an AuraTransformation™ is.  It is highly recommended to read Balance on All Levels by Anni Sennov. 

There are several reasons for this. 

You will get more out of your treatment since we will be able to concentrate on you rather than the theory behind an AuraTransformtion™.

Message from Anni Sennov 

Dear all,

It might take a long time for people who don't like reading books to read "Balance on All Levels with the Crystal and Indigo Energies", that is required reading before having an AuraTransformation™ but then they are fully informed about what they are up to not just at an intuitive level.

It might take even longer time for people with reading disability to read the required book but then I suggest that they have somebody else to read it loud for them so they can discuss it and thereby have the opportunity to socialize and inspire each other.

What might happen if people don't fully know the effect from having an AuraTransformation™ if they are not yet ready, is that they risk having a fight going on in their energy system between the new and the old mindset, especially if they don't like the result. They may also try to fight anything and anybody in their surroundings that are related to the New Time energy such as the Aura Mediator™ who did their AT and others.

So please understand that there is a very good reason for why we ask all clients to read the whole book before having an AuraTransformation™. It is not just for fun or to earn money. It is most of all for the benefit of the clients.

With love,
Anni Sennov

Further Reading

The Crystal Human and the Crystallization Process

Here is a sneak peak at some pages in  'The Crystal Human and the Crystallization Process Part I' and 'Part II' books.

These two books showcase 30 personal stories about the process of Crystallizing your spirit in your aura and then your body.   How being in tune with the New Time energies is a consciousness shift and how this effects your everyday life. 

Body Crystallization - A miniguide

Article by Anni Sennov - September 2007

As part of the Earth’s overall energy-wise development, all children who are born from the year 2009 and on will be born with a fully crystallized aura. These children will also be born with a fully crystallized body that will be in complete harmony with their aura.

However, the aura will still be vibrating in a higher, and thus faster, frequency than the body, which will be denser and thus vibrating more slowly. Even though the aura and the body will be vibrating at different frequencies, the two will be in total sync, thus allowing the Crystal aura and the Crystal Body to function as a whole.
— Anni Sennov -