Accelerated Healing Part I: Your Power

Accelerated Healing Part I: Your Power

Watching people transform is incredible and it is such a privilege to be a part of that journey.  It excites me to watch people feel empowered to transform themselves.   It makes all the risks I have taken of being outspoken about a little known healing modality worth it.  To watch the innate power of the human being to ignite, burn down and rise again renewed, stronger, and sparkling is what I live for.        

I often receive messages from people sharing wonderful anecdotes and leaps of change that they are going through. These make my heart sing and a testament to how Dare to Be AuraTransformation (AT) can have a massive impact on healing. I will be sharing snippets of these messages below.

When I say healing I am talking about healing the self, the body, the mind, the spirit, your ancestors, your children, the planet, I mean healing on all levels.    It is clear that people willing and wanting to completely face and crack the sometimes already broken shell of the self, and heal deep wounds make the most progress.

When I say progress I mean, becoming energetically clear, experiencing less stress, and less fear.  More happiness, able to prioritise and discern more, being more effective in whatever work you do.  Expanding your creative horizons. Feeling more able to speak your mind.  More able to love yourself. 

Having the Dare to Be AT immerses you in a journey of self-discovery.  An opportunity to release the shell of wounds, feeling them properly, and being able to let them go once and for all.  An opportunity to not run and hide to take the easy way out.  An accelerated jump into healing all aspects of yourself.  Expanding your consciousness to encompass compassion, forgiving others and yourself.  Making a clear move away from the endless patterns we wrapped ourselves in.  A liberating untangling.  


What people say:

I have received and heard lots about the accelerated healing that people experience and I thought I would collect the anecdotes together, there is no particular thread through them and I left them anonymous.  They demonstrate how healing can be on many levels when your spirit energy expands through your body.  (As opposed to leaving your body due to lack of self-love, traumas, escapism and avoidance of pain). 

*A lady suffering with cancer was hooked up to a SCIO machine (a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system) before and 3 weeks after her AuraTransformation.  She wrote to me “the doctors reaction was excellent, good news, all organ strength above 75% and I had bad flu for the last two weeks, normally I am 40% or lower.”

*A lady who suffers from insomnia wrote after her 2nd Balancing session with me: ”I came home very happy and looking well. Now, I do the Balancings you taught as many times as I can, and notice that I am able to let go of my mind much easier and that helps me to sleep much better.”

*Oh Yes! If you do not process your emotions then they will stick to you and reoccur forever.  I love to hear exclamations like this: “sometimes it feels like all my internal garbage is coming to the surface for me to look at and deal with...” That is the moments of gold you want!

*It is a beautiful moment to bare witness to someone having the grand moments of self-realisation:  “I do feel like a monster though, I've used people to feed my ego. I'm really sorry for it too. I have addiction issues, control issues. I'll get back to the self-love stuff, thank you.”

*”I've been doing more work on myself. Finished my 40 day vegan, alkaline challenge and felt great. Just starting a 18 month meditation intensive and looking at patterns that have run me all my life. I feel able to look at them more objectively since having my AuraTransformation."

*Doctors commented on someone’s head injury and the stiches healing and recovery being incredibly rapid and she put it down to her AuraTransformation

*One person’s wart which had been on his finger for a long time disappeared a week after their Dare to Be AT.

*Drugs are a big no-no with AuraTransformation and I refuse to treat people who are using, or plan on using any kind of natural or not drug.  A lady on a path of self-discovery chose to do Ayahuasca plant medicine anyway in Peru after her Crystallisation and she said “it speeds up the healing process after the realisations come in, normally it takes months. I have never felt so good in my life.”

*”Interestingly enough I've been focusing on my new aura as a way to adjust to the new time zone. It's been the best adjustment ever. I've been asking for energy and healing throughout the trip and I've been very intentional about being present in the new time zone.

But the point for me has been a heightened awareness and respect for my body's ability to achieve power healing and that my conscious contribution is simply to ask and trust that it will happen, while moving out the way by not eating or drinking toxic things, but rather seeking out nutrition and allowing myself to just be in a restful state.  I also now say thank you a lot to my body for being so absolutely awesome in every possible way.”

*It has been exciting to hear about three women letting me know about their post Dare to Be AT pregnancies.  I have also really enjoyed Balancing one of them when pregnant.


Thank you to all of you who have taken the plunge and continue to share your stories with me. 

Continuing the journey into the theme of accelerated healing it has become apparent that body-work has proven to be the key that cracks through all the issues and emotional blockages that come up to be cleared with the Dare to Be AT

People are shifting fast.  Wow! Certainly when they combine the aura upgrade with powerful and meaningful body-work. Particularly Collette Corcoran’s unique approach to yoga at The Urban Buddha.   Read about our collaborative work in the next blog entry coming soon called Accelerated Healing Part II.