Is Your Aura Like A Sieve?

What are the signs that you have no energetic protection?  Where do you end and others begin?  Are you leaking vital energy? Are people's thoughts seeping into yours?  Do you worry so much about others that you have become boundary-less? 

You can start learning about the quality of your energetic protection by answering these questions.

1. Do you feel exhausted very quickly? 

2. Are you waking up tired?

3. Have you got dark circles around your eyes that do not improve with sleep?

4. Is your skin missing that glow?  Or do you look ashen or ruddy?

5. Do you class yourself as an “empath,” certainly the kind that feels overwhelmed by other people’s energy?

6. Crowded rooms upset you?

7. Do you seem to have a strong effect on people, not always positive?

8. When you work with or on people (as a therapist) do you take client’s traumas home (or colleague’s?)

9. You feel empty, dark, sullen, depressed?

10. Can finding the energy to pick yourself up prove difficult, even to do what makes you happy?

11. Children’s energy agitates you. 

12. Do you love your children but sometimes need to get away from them?

13. Whistling and tinnitus like noises that are coming from inside your ear confuse you? 

Are you protected?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it is likely that the protective layer of your aura is weak or damaged.   If left unchecked this sort of energetic damage can eventually lead to physical illness.  There can be other factors causing these sorts of results, such as karmic ties, ancestral imprints and engrained negative thought patterns, which will be addressed in later blog posts.

This protective function of your aura is called the etheric body.  It is what connects your physical body to the other functions of the aura (such as your astral body and lower and higher mental layers).  I have been lucky enough, blessed with lots of practice, to see this part of the aura.   It appeared on one client as a bright white line surrounding her body, more like a filament of light in a thin band.  From her etheric body there were a lot of patterns of energy coming off from it, these were repeated ancestral imprints in geometric formation, showing a pattern of family behaviour that she had been almost powerless but to conform to.  Until she had her AuraTransformation, dissolving the etheric layer as well as the ancestral imprint. 

 The etheric layer of the aura can be leaky and frayed for many reasons. Deep traumas, or accidents which involve a sharp jolt to the body, heartbreaks, physical shocks, drugs and alcohol abuse can push the etheric body to begin to dissolve or literally fall off. 

Imagine driving down the highway with a car full of holes; you can imagine the noise, whistling and ringing of the bodywork as the air passes through.  Imagine what a sieve like aura does careening through time and space?  A sign of having a damaged etheric layer and an aura wanting to change frequency is having tinnitus style noises and ringing in the ears.

Also being around high frequency people and children can all perforate the etheric layer of the aura.  For example children with their higher frequency energy, often are trying to raise the vibration of their parent, and end up almost ‘burning’ them which in the long run damages the etheric layer of the adult, hence the need to have breaks from your very own children. 

Not having protection, or being like a sieve energetically can be seen physically as well as felt energetically. You can see it in the quality of your skin, how exhausted you get by the end of a day, and how irritable you can be when you run out of energy.   I used to call it “seeing purple”, when small mishaps during the day would lead to massive breakdowns, where nothing is working, nothing feels good, and you literally want to swear, bunch your fists, scream or cry.  Yes, those days can be put down your energetic protection being weak, or sometimes a mind and aura over loaded with negative experiences and imprinting.  Your vital energy is literally running away from you, until you have nothing left and feel powerless. 

If your etheric layer is like a sieve then other people's energy can seep into you very easily as much as you can leak your energy all over the place.  I used to pick up other peoples’ thoughts and think they were my own.  I found that out because on one occasion I was walking down the street, happy as can be, and passed someone that had a problem with me, within moments I saw my thought patterns change to highly abusive and nasty, in my own voice and directed at myself.  If the change in my thought patterns had not been so dramatic and sudden I would have just been in self-sabotage mode and felt rubbish.  Instead I quickly, and literally shook the energy off, I think I might have even shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.  Then I was back to my happy self.


Having poor energetic protection can be really tricky when it comes to picking up other people’s energy, you need to exercise strict discernment to work out what was really you and what was someone else’s energy seeping into your field.   It can be really problematic in couples, where you can see leaking in and onto each other, where neither one of the couple are standing in their own boundary or in their own personal energy or strength (otherwise known as co-dependent and toxic relationships).

I remember doing a hands on energy healing session on a friend years ago, using breathwork too, and as therapists will know, you need to protect yourself after doing such work, on this occasion I forgot to close down properly because we started chatting, within a day I was in bed, feeling miserable.  The moment I reached out to behave in a way that I would never, I realized I was behaving exactly the way my friend had been before coming to visit me. I learnt the valuable lesson of exercising protection but even more insightful was seeing how easy it is to live out someone else’s imprint, I literally inhaled it.

What happens when you leak your energy? Where does it go and how does it leave you feeling?  The quality of the energy you give out to people becomes diluted. Leaking your vital energy because of a damaged etheric layer means that you are not firing on all cylinders.  You can never give from your full potential.  So you can give give give, but end up feeling really down or drawn out.

Another factor to consider is that many of us behave as if we were boundary-less. Constantly thinking about other people, whether in judgment or care and in that sense your energy is nowhere near you.  You are sending your energy everywhere other than to maintain your own well-being. If you have a frayed aura then this compounds into having very little vital energy to make your dreams happen.  Vigilance in looking at how your brain uses your energy is important. Being in the here and now is a valuable practice.

I mentioned in my last blog piece that it became clear that my etheric layer was completely frayed, I put it down to burning the candle at both ends and a dose of heavy heartbreak.  Looking at the before and after photos you can really see that my skin is not as clear or glowing with vital energy.   In the end, I developed, and I suspect many people with weakened etheric layers do, a daily self-practice that I had to do just to feel ok. If I did not do it I would feel low, irritable, flustered and weak.  I used reiki, but others might go to the gym, do yoga, eat certain foods, meditate, even use mantra or movement.   Anything to top up energy levels otherwise it is like driving a car without the metalwork to protect you leaving you open to attack and dangerous clashes.

You can imagine what happens to your energy if you carry on ignoring the signs of needing to recharge or balance daily. Thought patterns spiral out of control, you end up going through the motions, nearing collapse, or escaping the reality with alcohol or hedonism.  Picking yourself up from those lows or patterns of behavior can be hard, but it is doable.

In my story having a self-practice gave me a temporary etheric layer, which only lasted so long.  Like I have said previously, my intuition told me that “there must be something else” that would permanently fix the leaky and broken part of my aura.  

The answer came in the form of AuraTransformation. Within the first 3 hours your energetic boundary is drastically changed.  Dissolving the damaged etheric layer is a lot simpler than trying to fix it daily.  The new Indigo/Crystal aura has a much denser protective layer, away from the body. It functions very differently. It is magnetic in that it draws your energy back to you and repels energy that is not your own.  It becomes much easier to tell when someone else’s energy is hanging off your aura.  It is also very evident that being around high frequency children is much easier. They no longer burn or fray your aura but can not get enough of your Crystal energy.  There is a real sense of flow and harmony with the New Time energy.

One of the main reasons I love sharing AuraTransformation is because it teaches tools so YOU can be fully empowered about maintaining and balancing YOUR OWN personal energy.  You watch your protection solidify over the first couple of years to a crystal clear and strong energetic boundary.  There is always a feeling that the best is yet to come as you achieve more vibrancy, clarity and balance everyday.