An AuraTransformation™ is a once in a life-time treatment with long-lasting effects.  This unique opportunity affords you a permanent and radical expansion of your consciousness, which reinforces your Charisma, Drive, and Intuition for all of time.  

The following text is taken from the book "Balance on all Levels" by Anni Sennov, as well as the official AuraTransformation™ website and documents.


A Bridge to a New Time Awareness

A love-intelligent consciousness and awareness is unfolding around us that was not available for humanity until fairly recently.  One very powerful, yet subtle, manifestation of this higher vibrational energy lies directly within the aura structures of today’s children” (Balance on All Levels, A. Sennov).  Many adults with the Old Time aura structure have observed that the aura’s of newborn children are different from their own.  Indigo and Crystal Children are opening the eyes of their parents to the New Time Energy and thereby to AuraTransformation™.

These two new aura structures, known as the Indigo aura and the Crystal aura, can be thought of as upgrades to the human operating system. Now it is possible to completely upgrade to these new aura structures through receiving an AuraTransformation™ by a qualified Aura Mediator™.  If you are interested in a an AuraTransformation™ it is important to read Balance on All Levels.

Expand Your Consciousness

The AuraTransformation™ and the related expansion of consciousness implies many advantages on the personal and universal fronts. An AuraTransformation™ dramatically reinforces the impact of one’s individual energy field interface with physical reality. Therefore, one naturally and gracefully becomes less and less troubled by either smaller or larger challenges that may initially appear to be coming from outside of oneself. One’s energy is not unconsciously fuelling hidden agendas and programs that one’s true inner self does not agree with. This releases a clear stream of energy from a reservoir that was formerly dammed up, stagnant, and murky. One obviously becomes more happy and focused.
— Anni Sennov

Benefits of AuraTransformation™

  • Daily clarity, protection and overview of your life.

  • Intuition and drive starts to cooperate, resulting in more energy.

  • Ability to prioritise and focus on what you choose to be involved with.

  • Self confidence and inner peace.

  • Less troubled by challenges coming from your surroundings.

  • Increased inner joy.


  • Expanded awareness and discernment of others’ agendas.

  • Easier openness with others without being on guard.

  • Convey a more clear feeling for your personal standpoint.

  • Improved ability to enjoy living in the present.

  • Rapidly manifest the reality you always wished for. 


When you have an AuraTransformation™ you begin the process of creating more space in your system to allow your spirit energy to enter every cell in your body and express itself fully.   We call this Crystallising.  A process which can take you on average up to 9 months to fully crytallise your spirit energy in your aura and your body.   Anni Sennov has two books on the Crystallization process.

"You become spirit embodied, a wholeness that is very hard to describe." 

AuraTransformation™ was founded by Anni Sennov in Denmark in 1996. 

Anni Sennov

Anni Sennov

Anni Sennov is a clairvoyant advisor, international lecturer and the author of more than 20 books about energy, consciousness and self-development, as well as New Time children and relationships, several of which have been translated from Danish into a number of languages.

 Visit Anni’s website - you can follow her blog, newsletters and more. 


More than 600 Aura Mediators™ have been educated under supervision of Anni Sennov & Berit Reaver primarily in Scandinavia but also in other European countries. 

More than 75,000 people have had an AuraTransformation™. 

More details on how AuraTransformation™ came about can be found here.

Why is AuraTransformation™ trademarked?  Simply to ensure that someone offering the treatment is fully qulified to do so and has been trained by Anni, Berit or a recognised instructor.  It is to safeguard that the treatment is done properly and safely.


Berit Reaver

Berit Reaver

Berit Reaver is the European Director for the Aura Mediator Courses™, Berit has been training Aura Mediators™ and Instructors, giving courses, lectures, and receiving clients for private consultations. She travels extensively for work.  She is an experienced speaker and is used to giving lectures at conferences. She has been interviewed for TV, radio and magazines in a number of countries.

Visit Berit's website you can follow her blog, newsletters and more. 

                                          Wonderful Berit is in this video below.

Anni’s books have only been translated in English since 2012, so it is very new here in the UK.   The books are only being translated into French now so it is also unheard of in Switzerland where I grew up.  As well as very little known in South Africa where I will be visiting twice in 2014.   I am dedicated to creating a platform for AuraTransformation™ in these areas and appreciate any support you can afford me in spreading awareness of this opportunity so that others can have a new lease on life too.