Look Into Our Crystal

On Saturday nine AuraTransformed people met up for the first Crystal Gathering at The Urban Buddha.  It was a beautiful candlelit experience. I am sure we could have made a day of it, we all had so much to share.  People came from Manchester, Liverpool, Harrogate, Kendal and locally.   Everyone greeted each other as if they had known each other forever!  To me it felt like the birth of a new community.

I encouraged us to work in our own bubbles to start with, Crystallising is a very individual process.   We did what we call a Balancing (later blogs will explain this). It is a tool that we use everyday to refocus our energies and up our energetic protection.  This was way more powerful than doing it on your own.  

We then moved into a beautiful Yin sequence with Collette concentrating on working through the four elements.   It was so interesting to feel where we had blockages in our bodies and in what element it was located in.  The quiet medatitive focus meant that our Crystal energies were becoming denser in the air.  I could see all the pink crystalline structure of the energy in our circle.   I was blown away.   

After the Crystal Yin Yoga we had very little time to share and knew we would definitely make more time for talking at the next one.   What came out though was that people wanted to share the perceived difficulties that they had gone through in their initial Crystallisaton.  I explained that that was the reason we did a movement practice at the beginning of a Gathering. Or why I try and exercise everyday.  The meeting of the body and the spirit is a big deal.  It is so valuable and rewarding to help aid the marrying of the two and to be kind to yourself as you metamorphose.   Drawing on Anni's book Crystal Human Part 2 I shared how The Crystallisation process is to be taken one step at a time, and that you have control over how fast the process is going. 

The spirit energy entering the body is a process that can take years.  Some people are faster than others.  Anything that helps the body; massage or sports is so valuable in this period (see my last blog post).   As your spirit energy Crystallises into every cell then what no longer serves needs to get out of the way.  This is what people were describing. The "mushrooming" up of all your compounded issues and negative processes in the first few months.  They come up to be cleared.   Being able to switch off during exercise or in nature is a wonderful way to sweat and move through the process.

Some people that have done a lot of self work find the Crystallisation process easier.  It is the cherry on the top. They have worked through blockages in the traditional longer way so there is less to clear. They are ready to sparkle crystal clear.  People that have done less self work have the rapid work to do, but once it is done you feel incredible and the lasting effects are so sweet because it is obvious they are here to stay. 

As you become more grounded and anchored in your body you are more able to create and contribute on the physical plane, really making things happen whether in work, with your diet, your health, with your children, or movement.  The more solid and clear your energy field is the greater your vibration and your capacity to live the life you dream of.  The stronger your aura is the stronger your protection.  When your spirit energy is far from the body like with the Old Aura, ungrounded, then it is harder to know yourself and therefore harder to manifest.

No one wished they had not had an AuraTransformation, a few days or weeks of hard rapid clearing is totally outshone by the huge and beautiful effects.  A couple said "it was the best investment they had ever made" and they are still in the thick of it.   The remaining sentiment was that people were pleased to have picked up some tools to take home after our Gathering.   Of movement, letting go and being kind to yourself.

Closing the session with moments to spare, we linked hands and did a group and planetary Balancing.  This moment was not planned but was very powerful for me, linking with absent AuraTransformed people around the world and connecting to the Crystalline grid of light of the planet was an idea that came to me on the spot.  I loved feeling the energies recalibrate individually and between us.   I could also feel the vastness of such an exercise.  Collette said it was "intense" and commented on how much she could feel in a group.   We all looked energised.  Someone who traveled far said she felt "entirely different" from when she arrived in a bad mood.

Here is some more lovely feedback:

"I enjoyed the evening so much, It was very special to listen to every one sharing thoughts from their heart.  I felt inspired.  Also physically lighter, energised & balanced after connecting together with your guidance. It was so reinforcing & supportive of your teaching & mediation. The other night I sensed so meany threads of my life again , I can understanding the process now. I understand & have confidence in myself, your support & Collette's teaching helped me breath, the threads are beginning to come together. I am on the journey to Crystallise!  Thank you as ever Xxx"

Thank you to all who stayed and shared their experience with the people who came to the public talk.  It was an interesting mix of people and a novel way for me to run an Introduction. 

We will be having another Crystal Gathering at 4.30pm and Public Information Evening at 7pm on the 8th February at the Urban Buddha.  

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Much Love
x Sarah