Wishing You Much Movement

"It has become more and more clear that having a new aura is all about the body.   The  increased flow of energy through the body, now freed of blockages in the aura is dramatic.  It makes you want to move."  

I now love going to yoga 5 days a week: stretching, sweating, become stronger and more supple.  I still want to pinch myself when I say that now.  I used to avoid sports class even in my school years.  Later on I thought raving was a good excuse for exercise.  Falling down the stairs two years ago was also a good excuse not to move.   I didn't realise that movement was my get out of jail card.   

The AuraTransformation dissolves at a cellular and energetic level what we call the Old Time Aura, it dissolves a lot of negative mental chatter, that may put you off moving.  Some of which can be ancestral patterns of behaviour passed down from generation to generation.  It also dissolves habits of thought and behaviour that over time have been imprinted in your energy field.  

You create around you a matrix of energy that pushes and pulls you in different directions.  That is why it is so hard to stop smoking for example.  Or really difficult to get used to doing regular exercise.  (I smoked everyday for 17 years and stopped the day of my AuraTransformation.)  We carry around us layers and layers of energy, imprints of all our habits.  

The same ideas are reflected in other modalities when you hear about people creating new neural pathways in learning to think positive or mindfully. By default of the same process you can create negative neural pathways.  I will be writing in much more detail over the year to come about forming new habits, ancestral imprints, karma contracts and much more.

When your Old Aura is dissolved there is no more barrier in between you and your spirit energy or higher self.   Suddenly the more vibrant, sure, sparkly you is able to express itself.   This process is called Crystallisation and can take several years to complete.  As you embody your spirit energy in every cell of your body you displace all the imprinting and habits that no longer serve you or your purpose, in that sense there are some bumps in the road as you work through these 'issues' or blocks.  The beauty is that once you have done that, it is done!

Some people are afraid to face their 'stuff', but having an AuraTransformation allows you an altered perspective.  You are a lot more able to see yourself from another angle as well as new solutions.    As the first months go past you feel more whole, complete, and intuitive.   

This whole process is exciting for your spirit energy, it can move, it can express, the mind chatter has been curbed, it wants to achieve EVERYTHING! Wooooooo.  Whereas your body is somewhat slower.   In my case 15 years of bad posture and 20 years of no exercise is imprinted in my BODY.   As well as all the chinks and twists in my musculature from falling down the stairs.   Our bodies have memories. Working through the blockages in your body reveal where you have 'issues' that can be released.   AuraTransformation finds you the motivation and space to form new habits.   There are so many gifted people out there that can help on many levels with the Crystallisation process by working on the physical body: yoga teachers, massage, nutrition, cranio-sacral therapy.   

I used to leak so much energy, probably due to lifestyle and some life traumas.   Now I am no longer like a 'colander'  with my new denser aura.   Now I can feel the 'get up and go' and I love the need to move.  I thrive in helping my body work through the remaining blockages so that my spirit energy can take root and anchor in my physical body. Someone I AuraTransformed described bridging this gap, he said "over the year my thoughts and feelings have become the same."    

These pages are an attempt to unpack what I feel is a natural way of thinking for me.  I realise that it is a lot to get your head round, and over the coming year I will attempt to unpack these ideas in far more detail.  Any feedback or questions are welcome too.  

There is another talk planned for the 8th February at the Urban Buddha and I will be at Ribbey Hall near Preston on the 22nd of February. For more details subscribe to my Newsletter below.   My next blog post this week will be about what happened at our Crystal Gathering and Launch event last weekend.

Wishing you much movement
Love Sarah