Journey Through The Aura

More questions for 2015: What is an aura? Why would I want to change mine? Do I have control over what happens in my aura? Is trauma permanent in my aura? How does media fear work on my aura? Can I loose energy from my aura? Can I loose my vitality and power? Where does my vitality and power lie in my aura? Are my emotions tangible in my aura? Is my aura in my cells? Do we all have a higher self? Where is this higher self?

There is so much to learn about our energy; or our aura. Science is starting to catch on about humans as a frequency, energy, and vibration. Learning about the aura is very much in line with evolving as a species as well as reclaiming ourselves and our energy.

Come to the information event at the Urban Buddha on the 17th January at 7pm to find out answers to these questions and more.

Taking ownership of our energy and self development is key to clearing our energy field of past traumas and blockages which hold us back in our daily life.

What aura do you have?

What happens during an AuraTransformation?

Where can I access further research about AuraTransformation and its origins?

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With Love