Laid Bare

“Laid Bare: words I have had swinging in and out of my mind for 10 days now.  I love those moments of confirmation.  Shortly after writing this piece I described my work to someone for the first time and they said “Wow, so it’s like being laid bare?”   On the right track then!”

I woke up on New Years day feeling clear and fresh as a daisy and took this photo.  As you do, I reflected on how much can happen in a year.  I trained in AuraTransformation last January and it has been the most fulfilling, revealing, ambitious and life-changing year in my life.

In 2015 I feel ready and focused about what I want to offer YOU; ready to lay down my unique expression of consciousness.  In service.  This expression is merely another emergence of consciousness that this planet is calling forth.  People or any form of consciousness is like the hair follicles emerging from a body of skin.  We people are part of the earth.  We can stand tall and vibrant and responsive, or shrivel, lack luster.

In the past people would say “you are too honest,” I would share internal processes that most people pretend they don’t have.  Part of me wanted to shock, maybe in the vein of a Situationist, in a subversive way to shake the norm.  This is what I call Indigo energy now, which has retreated in my system, I am not out there to provoke.  I am here to create and be in a balanced flow and help people realise their full potential.   Now I am again too honest; open and laid bare to those I work with and who care to ask me about myself and how I got to where I am now.  An open vulnerable book.

My eternal promise up until now and extending into the non-foreseeable future is that I am in service to raising the vibration of this planet, no matter where I am.  My passion and life purpose are enmeshed in helping people crack the westernized shell that we have been in-cultured into and the outdated aura humans wear which carries every trauma and karmic and ancestral tie.  From a shamanic perspective our modern day work ethic, and medicalization is seen as a sickness. It has a name in some cultures, like an entity that traps our innate humaness.   We have lost the inner knowing about being happy and even just feeling OK.  We deserve so much more.  The age old adage rings truer and truer that life is too short to worry, fear, self-depreciate, judge and belittle yourself.  

In my adult life I have worked hard to break the bonds that tied me whether they were perceived life purposes, simple destructive thought patterns, or expectations.    Over a decade of searching (often barking up the very wrong tree for very wrong reasons), breaking, learning, and finally doing the sometimes painful inner work I feel I have got somewhere and have knowledge to share.   

AuraTransformation has been the ultimate advance in my development and helped me drop the bonds and shackles tied to my energy that go way beyond what I have achieved on my own.  The self work and the AuraTransformation are equally valuable and do not exclude each other.   Add in a daily practice of yoga for example and I think you are onto a winner.   

I am grateful everyday, no, every minute for the heightened and expanded sense of my own consciousness and trust in my own abilities, able to hear my heart and follow her call.

2015 is the year I am in service to you.  I am laid bare, ready to share, for the development of humanity on our dear planet.   The year of the heart, to let her break free from all that stops her feeling.    Our vibration and frequency is changing one by one, make your daily thoughts and daily life synch in harmony; let’s make beautiful clear music in our vast cosmos.   

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With Love