Cellular You

Imagine you were a cell.  A couple of circles within circles swirling around making a pattern in time and space.   Every action and every movement is recorded into the liquid of the cell.  As time passes the recordings thin out, but don't disappear, they become patterns surrounding the cell, slightly hazier.  Call this area the energetic memory field.   

This cell goes to work everyday, and put under loads of pressure, movements of emotion course through it, "I am going to explode," "I'm going to sink," "I need to make THAT connection no matter what it takes," "I am so angry."  Day in day out the cell is becoming unrecognisable.  It is greyer, smaller, striations of stress show up on its membrane.   The memory around the cell is the same, slowly shrinking, and deepening of stress.   Over time the cell moves around erratically, making a trajectory across space that you wouldn't want to repeat.

Wouldn't it be beautiful if the cell, you, and I, could make beautiful music and movement over a lifetime, like dancers.  Finding balance, poise and energy to create a pleasing pattern to mind, body and spirit.  

Being able to shake off daily cellular stress is important, to catch deep striations from forming in your memory or energy field.   As our lifestyles and patterns of emotion become more fixed it is recorded in our cells, the water in our body and eventually our auras or energy field too.  

It is not about going to the spa a week before you are at breaking point.  In the long term it is about creating the spa experience in your mind on a daily basis.  Going out there and doing all you have to do but coming back and really resting, slowing down, letting go.  Shedding some of the energetic load we froth up during the day.  Whether you use exercise, slowing your breath or meditation it doesn't matter.   

An AuraTransformation is a drastic way of clearing your cellular and energetic memory field of decades of patterning.   It is an opportunity to have a fresh energetic start.   The Old Aura is really like a bucket (or sometimes like a colander) where all experiences negative or positive are recorded in it and they keep piling up.  Traumas, dramas, hurts and losses are electric in your field. They go off like lightening strikes at the mention of a name or the recollection of a memory.   Further patterning occurs when the storms hit.    Dissolving the Old Aura means releasing the cache of patterns and habits.  The memories are still there, but not as electric wires.  More like a mosaic of postcards on a wall, memories that do not hurt in the same way.

Slowly slowly, kindly and gently change the patterns, shed the loads, breath new life into every cell in your body.  If you forget, and cuss yourself, don't beat yourself up further.  Move forward knowing you are creating new neural pathways every time you do change a reaction, or form a new habit.   Becoming more present with your processes can be painful.  Humour is a good friend:  "have I really been doing that to myself all this time!"  It takes time to teach an old dog new tricks!  Mistakes and slip ups are simply room for more growth.   Nothing is set in stone, you as you are now can shake up almost every pattern you have.  I feel like a completely new human since starting the inner work.      

Like a river slowly eroding a bank, changing the course of the water, you can also change your reactions, habits and emotions over time.   Slowly polluting the water less and less and watching new life emerge.  You may be familiar with Dr. Emoto's work on how droplets of water are imprinted with our emotions, which is a really interesting in regard to this thread, I will write about him at a later date.   That is why Sound Journeys, or Gong Baths are amazing to re-set or help re-pattern the water in your system.  If I travel a lot I like to come home and shake up all the frequencies going through my body with those sounds.  

AuraTransformation is like having a diving board, a chance to jump into a new energy and new way of being, instead of trudging through muddy waters.  Like stepping out of an old skin that is not serving its purpose, full of holes, or in dire need of repatterning.  

Regardless of AuraTransformation this is all about how we feel about ourselves.  The thoughts you allow to walk into your mind.  Is it time to shut the door on anything that hurts you and others?  I think it is vital to shake up the information that goes through you as a cell, and keep a check on the vibration you emit.  

My next blog is an account from an AuraTransformed friend who is slowly watching herself and her reactions change. I saw her tendency to get really angry, which would run through her entire body and thought patterns, when expectations were dashed or things didn't go her way....