Self -Love

Our emotional world is communicating with us... Make time to listen to your inner guidance system of what is truly going on inside. Those yucky parts that most try to avoid or shut out, those parts of you are the parts that are needing the most love. Just as you would embrace, make time and offer words of comfort to a friend who is hurting... So use the same approach with the parts of you who is hurting. This is how we heal our wounds... by tending to them not punishing or judging them for being there. This is the ultimate self care, by being with yourself in all of who you are. This is unconditional love, loving and accepting all of who you are.

Come back to love, that space that starts inside.
Emitting from your core.
Like dense pulses enveloping.
You. You. You.

Love, and gratitude for life, nature, what we have, what we create, the people around us, how we all contribute to the whole can have a massive impact. Saying thank you is massive. Ignoring a child, or even one of your own emotions can have a huge detrimental impact. As can belittling yourself or others, even in the quiet of your own mind. So in the spirit of this; I want to say a huge thank you to all the people in my life past and present, every moment matters and every lesson is held close to my heart.