Break Through

Being in the dark cocoon of transformation certainly feels...dark at times. Is there even a light at the end of the tunnel? Are we ok? Is there something wrong with me? With us? It feels close, even suffocating. Eating your own wounds in order to surpass them. Feeling the sharp pain of growth. The fire of creation burning through the fabric of our conditioning. Such a fertile, and unknown space. What will we become? What will I feel like? Will I be better at this game called me? Us?

So many states to move through, in order to become the version of ourselves we would like to see. What we see happening around us, in society, the visibly chaotic turbulence, bound by untruths and collective pain becomes a valuable window to look at our own selves. How, under the surface, under our skin, we battle the collective wars, centuries old. A parting gift from our ancestors, and our responsibility to hold, move through and process, so we can attempt to pass a sweeter package on to our young.

A nice ideal, but not so nice to move through…initially anyway. I am feeling this moving through the darkness of my own shadows as I prepare to emerge with the new project I have to offer. Coming out with my own work, has meant a full on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual growth. Having to align with the ideal I see for myself, others and the world has meant that I need to align with it on all levels first. It feels ripe, ready and good now.

The time has come, as the last few pieces of the puzzle knit together within me, to emerge and expand, in my new colours, and take flight. At the core is a vision for the people of the world to feel more at home, in their own skin and on this wonderful planet. To be able to find their own meaning, and to find the strength to shine within their families and communities.

This project has been the culmination of years of exploration, shifts, growth, and tried and tested tools, I have sat on it and incubated this long enough. Its time to hatch. Watch this space…. Any day now.

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