The SuperNova Podcast: Lena Ski & Sarah Jennings

Welcome to the new upgrade! A radical update on how you operate in this world, transforming it from your very own core. Your life, your dreams, and your purpose are worth getting radical about. Sarah Jennings is proof! Known for leading by example in Switzerland, UK and in South Africa Sarah catches up with Lena Ski ahead of her talk in Cape Town.

Sarah invites you to a radical shift in the quality of your being. Would it not be a dream to enter 2017 with a fresh energetic start? The 4.5 hour AuraTransformation is the latest energetic technology to bring yourself forward in your entirety. Imagine embodying all the energy you have even given out, so you can have more visibility and vitality in every cell of your body.

This is a chance to do really deep and transformative emotional processing from a much clearer standpoint. You become more intuitive by the day, and become much more productive, creative, yet relaxed. This is a permanent shift in consciousness and is grounding in an epic way.

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