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Available in Mid Wales

Sessions available.

MID WALES, Llanidloes 13th to 18th April

Offering the following three treatments.

***I have room for 1 (maybe 2) AuraTransformation only. This is a 4.5 hour treatment that gives you a complete upgrade of your personal bio-energy field, it really is like taking off an old shabby skin and switching it for a sparkling, luminescent skin. We dissolve old patterns and negative thoughts that plague you and giving you a renewed sense of purpose and drive. For some people it is what they need to be pulled out of the energetic sludge they have been living in and for others it is the cherry on the top in self development. Life changing stuff! I have been a full time aura mediator for 3 years! It is important to do some research

***If you have had an AuraTransformation you can book in a Balancings which take up to 1.5h. This is an opportunity to balance your elements, and masculine and feminine energy as well as smooth out any edges from all the emotional processing you have likely done since your AuraTransformation. Balancings do just that, make you feel sharp, clear and balanced.

***I am offering Creative Kinesiology sessions. These are up to 1.5hours if you have not had one before. Using muscle testing we gain a lot of information from your physical body, meridians, emotions, spirit and environment. With access to ancient and new knowledge your body lets me know what is blocked or needing attention, as well as letting me know what it wants to do to bring it into balance. Bring an issue you are having, or come to explore what might be stopping you achieving wellbeing or success. For example we can do the amazing 5 Step forward balance which is you walking into the future towards your vision and what is holding you back. We balance what might come up for you in the future step by step. Exciting! Discounted prices/donations since I am nearing the end of my training.

Very limited availability so please get in touch soon.