A 7 day challenge to design your own Personal Energy Fractal.

Get super organised about your self -care

7th-14th of December

Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings

Let's face it, we all struggle to maintain a discipline  and consistency in our self-care.  We are so busy...that looking after our basic needs suffers. We sit for hours persevering with our work and procrastinating about what makes us feel good!

Do you feel guilty when you do not exercise enough?  Have you got a gym membership festering somewhere?

Do you feel you do not get out in nature as often as you think you should?  You feel you need to force yourself out.

Do you know you shallow breath all day long?

Does the food you eat actually suit your digestion?  Maybe you consume too much sugar, or too much convenience food. 

Do you practice yoga, martial arts, Qi Gong,  energy healing, or any other cool thing you have trained in but never ever use it on yourself, except maybe whilst waiting for a bus, or in an emergency.

Do you have a beautiful journal, with only one entry or two on the first pages, and maybe even dust settling on the cover?

Have you stashed 20 self- help books by your bed, also gathering dust alongside your journal?

Do you dance and go wild to music, or collapse in a heap of giggles with your loved ones often enough?

You often feel overwhelmed, tired, blown about, not focused or grounded and spend plenty of time day dreaming about how you are going to start on your self care program!


You need a Personal Energy Fractal to get you in action mode!

This Personal Energy fractal (PEF) is a set of daily practices and actions you will explore and create over a week, completely unique to you.  These will become a daily container for your optimal health and creative flow, so you may manifest the life you really want, moment by moment, day by day. 

This is for you if you are committed to improve your life, you want to get the basics nailed so that you can create maximum impact and realise your potential.  You know what you want, and you are determined to make it happen!

How this challenge works.

1. All the action will take place in a private Facebook Group.  We will work individually on our own Fractals but share our progress and feedback to the group daily. 

The energy of a group, is hugely transformational, you will learn so much from each other. As the week goes on the insights will get deeper, and collective evolution will expand! This is group alchemy in action.

2. A new video and daily challenge will be posted daily. These will be kept short and to the point.  Each day a new theme is introduced to add another layer to your fractal.  Once you complete your daily mission you can write or video your progress to the group.

3. You will book an individual 1h Creative Kinesiology session with me once your Personal Energy Fractal is complete.  This session will powerfully reveal what is holding you back from achieving your daily practice. It could be a limiting belief, old fears, stuck energy, ancestral patterns, childhood trauma etc.  We will clear this listening to the wisdom of your body and consciousness.  If you are not blocked from sticking to your Personal Energy Fractal then we will use this session to anchor your practice into your body further.

4. You can go GOLD and upgrade your Creative Kinesiology session to my Activate Your Potential sessions if you really want to get your life moving in a new direction.  If you go GOLD, you are basically getting the 7 day challenge for free!  See yellow image below

your unique recipe for success!

This is an awesome opportunity to explore, step by step exactly what YOUR system needs, and set up habits and rituals that work for you. 

When you have a set of daily practices which become second nature, you are left clear, focused and buoyant. You actually get more done!

We all have the knowledge to become better versions of ourselves. No more excuses!  With the help of group accountability & alchemy and Creative Kinesiology you will get it nailed and anchored in!

Your PEF is unique, like a blueprint or architectural drawing about what you need daily.  What is optimal for one person is not for another, you may be called to work late at night, and sleep in. Someone else may need to do a breathing or exercise routine totally excessive to someone else. You may need a Netflix fix to wind down a couple of weeks.  Having a PEF is not about being a draconian task master robot! It is about making a habit of all that brings you joy.

Let's get this going!  I am super excited to work with you in this way and bring big shifts into your game!

This 7 day challenge is really a taster to all the deep work I offer.  You get to know me, work with me closely, make friends with others, and do what you love more more more.  This is really getting down to basics! 


Exclusively for my facebook friends:

7 day challenge + 1h Creative Kinesiology  £111

Go GOLD: 7 day challenge + 2h Activate Your Potential £222


Payment plan available on request.

All Payments via BACS or PayPal daretobe@withsarahj.com

Creative Kinesiology & Activate Your Potential online or in person (Exeter)

Be ready to start on the 6th!

Once complete you get a £30 voucher for your AuraTransformation or further CK session.

Any questions private message me on FB or email daretobe@withsarahj.com DO NOT use the form below, that is for people ready to take action and join!

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Go Gold with Activate Your Potential

If you upgrade to  GOLD you will have an Activate Your Potential session with me. 

If you upgrade to  GOLD you will have an Activate Your Potential session with me. 

What people say:

Thank you Sarah Jennings for our spontaneous session!! Just what I needed to clear away those sticky cobwebs... I am stepping into my new creative project, of putting my life’s work together and offering it to the World... And I hit a wall... Could not see the vision anymore, body was feeling heavy and stuck, mind foggy... and cleaning the kitchen cupboards all of a sudden was my ‘priority.’ Sarah did one Creative Kinesiology session with me (via Skype, she is in Exeter, UK and me in Cape Town) and I am feeling like the light switch has been turned on... Comes out I had 2 major conflicting beliefs: about being successful and being loved. Notice I said “HAD” coz these beliefs have now been released and I am integrated again!! Feeling alive: Priceless!!
— Dawn Penny
What can I say about this amazing lady. The first moment we met I knew I had met a kindred spirit.
When I experienced her work, I also knew without a doubt that Sarah is a multi-talented energy worker. She worked with me recently using her Creative Kinesiology method to support me in moving towards my vision. Although my vision was crystal clear, I felt there was still some old energy holding me back. It wasn’t anything that I could mentally put my finger on but I knew it wouldn’t hurt to explore it.
Creative Kinesiology is a fairly active method where she works with the wisdom of your body to see what it is you need going forward as you take steps towards your future.
It was hard work subconsciously but in reality, it felt like playtime. I had a giggle but also a cry because the themes that came through were so incredibly affirming and healing that I felt deeply moved. Wisdom, courage, trust, heart, the power of the feminine. These have all been themes that have been a constant.
What it helped me do, besides letting go of some unstuck energy was to help me reconnect lost parts of myself and connect even more with my angels. I saw them clearly standing right behind me - 5 of them. They have my back! Without Sarah’s help I would never have dared to admit this - even to myself!
Sarah’s work is amazing - if you are in or around Exeter I would highly recommend you go and see her.
— Ann Skinner
Wow what a powerful day I have had!
This morning I went to see my gorgeous friend Sarah Jennings for her 5 Steps forward programme, Creative Kinesiology.
I was starting to feel lost with my business and wondered why these goals I had were not coming to life yet. I knew that I could have it but was still feeling stuck and didn’t know why!
Obviously there was some limiting beliefs stuck in my body that was stopping me from having it.
At first my 15 month goal made me feel sick with nerves, I have some big goals, getting a book deal and launching more groups and big financial ones too! We worked through each qtr step by step to get there and worked on anything in my body energetically that was getting in my way.
By the time I got to the 15 month I felt amazing and really felt like I could have it.
Lots of insights on what was stopping me in my body which we worked through.
Thank you so much lovely Sarah, I have been on it this afternoon!
Highly recommend xxx
— Lucy Flanagan Martin
Two sneak peaks of yesterdays Activate Your Potential sessions (maybe it should be renamed Quantum Leap Out of Your Old Sh**)

Yesterday was eventful. With a sessions skyped from South Africa, and very surprising things came up- what happened when you were 2? And 17? As per usual the body doesnt not lie and these situations were exactly what were manifesting today, with fears and blocks of moving forward free, clear and focused.

The Second session was also EPIC. This person was so stuck in her head and constant questioning and mind labyrinths that she was completely blocked from taking action. By the time we got to step 4, which took a very long time, she emerged of what fell like a tunnel or cocoon of murky energy and darkness, this treacle she had been stuck in for years. It was amazing to watch her emerge, lighter, playful, and unable to think! Yay!

Super powerful!
— Sarah Jennings

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