An Introduction to AuraTransformation™

Welcome to this 4 part short video series informing you on all you have to know about AuraTransformation, the four hour treatment that can be life changing.  Also find out about my story, and what to expect of the sessions and beyond. Any links, images and further information mentioned in the videos are found at the bottom of this page. 

Viewing time 27.33 mins

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Part 1.

Upgrading your operating system in 4h! Is that possible!!



Part 2.

My painful destructive past to embodying my higher self and living the life I only dreamed of! (Tear jerker!)



Part 3.

What aura do you have, and what happens to it in an AT? And what aura do your children have?



Part 4.

Can I see auras? Is AuraTransformation right for you?

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Three sets of Before and After pictures of me, so that you can see what a damaged Old Aura looks like compared to the Crystal Aura

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What people say about their AuraTransformation and working with me:

Nothing I’ve experienced has been too much to handle, in fact everything has been so much easier and more natural than the way I was living before...
Now I feel I know what it really means to have your own back and truly love and celebrate yourself for who you really are and were always meant to be.
If you feel, like I felt, that you have lived your life at half mast and never truly blossomed into the person you feel you could have been, an AuraTransformation could very well be the best decision you make in your life.
— Anastasja Katzinova, Copy Writer, UK
I felt like I always had something holding me back in life, that I was always fighting some unseen force. And I was tired. Tired of not enjoying life. Tired of trying to escape what I had, and who I was. Having the AuraTransformation has changed my life. So many things..I don’t know where to start! I have a completely different energy about me now! I am so happy! That mindless chatter of negative thoughts and feelings that crowded my mind before has gone, leaving me with space to just...be me!
I have control over my feelings now. I can balance myself when I feel out of sync, and I can stop anyone’s negative energy from affecting me. I was like a sponge before; absorbing the other person’s mood and energy and constantly feeling low and even ill!
— Catrin Jones, Doula, Wales
I can’t cease to be AMAZED at the changes within me! It PHENOMENAL! Even my ten year old says “mommy you changed...for the BETTER”
— Zo-Anne, Coach, South Africa
My AuraTransformation set me on a journey where I have been roaring high up while being amazingly rooted and centred. It unleashed a potential that used to have a will of its own and that I couldn’t harness except that.... Now I can harness it. I could write it was life-changing except it wasn’t... It was utterly life-enhancing and love-flooding. I didn’t change, I became more deeply and strongly myself.
Joy. Joy is another big one. Joy doesn’t come in little flashes and subject to mood swings - joy exists and IS here to stay.
Life has become effortless, even the bumpy patches.
— Sophia Dias, Dentist, UK
Wow, it feels like taking an old shabby, weathered, frayed, grey, sombre cloak off and swapping it for a sparkly, magnetic, brand new, protective cloak on instead.” That is exactly what an AT really feels like, it is about getting rid of something that no longer works and integrating something that does.
— Anon, Comedian, UK
It’s worth doing an AuraTransformation™ just for the incredible state of body and mind you are in after the first session, the best thing is that this really stays with you. 6 months on I still feel completely new, like re-born, & have recovered & can control the energies I was leaking all over before the AuraTransformation™. I am back on track, thanks to Sarah’s balancing skills.
— Mike Barron, Kitchen & Cabinet Maker, UK
My shine has come back! For the first time in years I’m feeling truly positive about life, but in a very present way.
— Antonia, Community Support Worker, UK
I feel like a new me gets to walk this earth and it’s quiet sublime. This journey I believe is only going to get better. Thank you Sarah Jennings for this beautiful experience and for completely moving my being.
— Serona Naidoo, Banking Relationship Manager, South Africa
I found Sarah a calm & wise woman full of strength & understanding.
— Miranda Gilbert, Support Worker, UK
Since that day, I have simply been able to close my eyes and connect with Source, the all, gaia, the cosmos, whatever name you want to give it. This has probably been the most profound result for me, the ability to close my eyes and instantly feel at peace, regardless of the goings on around me.
Sarah again amazed me in her ability to draw out events that had occurred a long time into my past, in a few cases, into childhood that needed healing. She had an outstanding capacity to make me feel safe enough to bring these events to the surface to be healed, she was also incredibly accurate in the areas in which she prompted these memories, things I’d never talked about to anyone and hidden even from myself. And I found myself with silent tears rolling down my cheeks in cathartic happiness at my ability to forgive and I was comforted immensely by the peace and love which Sarah gave during the process as I relayed these events and let them go; feeling so much lighter, like I’d lost the weight of the world.
— Roz Pilling, Alchemy Therapy, UK
And the best thing of all of this, is my heart... I keep having these waves of where I feel so so loved... and it feels like I was when I was a little girl! I am laughing more, listening more, I am excited again, and it feels like the World is my Oyster! I am even more loving and nurturing than I was before. I spend more time in my own company, I am at peace with who I am.
— Dawn Penny
A huge change has been my drive and motivation. I have spent many years thinking about doing things, but actually doing nothing – when it came to my earth element, Sarah commented that I was firmly stuck in the ground, which results in a tendency to be too lazy to take action – she could not have known it, but that was spot on. She rebalanced my elements, and I’ve seriously not stopped being productive and instigating action ever since
— Ellie, University Portfolio Manager, UK

Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings

Sarah works internationally in the UK, South Africa and Switzerland and online, as public speaker andintuitive practitioner. A highly experienced transformational energy worker with AuraTransformation and Creative Kinesiologist, with a background in business development. Sarah uses her vast experience to help people embrace their true essence and tap into their own energy reserves by teaching powerful self-healing tools.