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These 4 videos will inform you on all you have to know about AuraTransformation, the four hour treatment that can be life changing.  Learn about what aura you have, how you emotionally detox after the process, hear my story from destruction to embodying my higher self and about living a 5D heart-centered life.

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Introduction to AuraTransformation™

Having your operating system upgraded in such a way is exciting and a beautiful experience but research on your part is essential.  The new aura and the permanent expansion of your consciousness is for life, and gets better and better with time. The new aura doesn’t wear off.

That is why it is important that you do some research, and I have made that job very easy for you, so please watch the 4 videos by entering your email address, if you want to know if AuraTransformation is right for you.

In watching these videos:


  • Find out how dissolving a leaky and frazzled aura can get you from drained and overwhelmed to taking the drivers seat in mastering your energy and having a positive impact at home and increase productivity at work...while feeling comfortable in your skin and deepening your connection to loved ones.
  •  Learn why traditional talking therapies could take a life time to resolve recurring issues… whereas dissolving the Old Aura and all the issues and patterns that live within it means you can fall in love with your life again and free up your life force.
  • Why giving out energy till you have nothing left is NOT a good strategy for health and vitality….find out how it feels to reclaim your energy and spirit, and how having a strong energetic boundary can change your long term happiness.
  • The secrets to radiance, manifesting the life you want and being guided by your intuition... and exactly how you can access the best version of yourself while letting go of drama, worry, mental chatter and reactivity.

By clicking confirm you will get instant access to a 4 part short video series informing you on all you have to know about AuraTransformation, my story, and what to expect from upgrading your aura structure.   The themes of the 4 videos are:

Part 1.

Upgrading your operating system in 4h! Is that possible!!

Part 2.

My painful destructive past to embodying my higher self and living the life I only dreamed of! (Tear jerker!)

Part 3.

What aura do you have, and what happens to it in an AuraTransformation? And what aura do your children have?

Part 4.

Can I see auras? Is AuraTransformation right for you?


Watch Dare To Be's Introduction to AuraTransformation™

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Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings

Sarah works internationally in the UK, South Africa and Switzerland and online, as public speaker and intuitive practitioner. A highly experienced transformational energy worker with AuraTransformation and Creative Kinesiologist, with a background in business development. Sarah uses her vast experience to help people embrace their true essence and tap into their own energy reserves by teaching powerful self-healing tools.