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Evening AuraTransformation Talk in Exeter

It would be wonderful to see you at a small and intimate evening talk about AuraTransformation. What is it? How the 4h treatment works, the benefits, if it is for you, what aura your children have, and much more...
£10 for 2h
Let me know if you are coming only 6 places!

There are amazing opportunities coming up to become Aura Mediators in January in Exeter, to take the course you need to have your AuraTransformation first. This is s an opportunity to find out more.

An AuraTransformation permanently expands your consciousness, to bring you unimagined presence & clarity. You become more grounded, centered & radiant, with access to your intuition & any dammed up potential. It is an opportunity for your personal energy to match the fast paced lives we lead. Unbound by old patterns and able to access your personal energy and potential.

The treatment itself is incredibly transformative and on an individual basis resulting in experiencing more joy, drive, and radiance. It is a 4 hour treatment which sets of a process of embodying more of your vital force energy in every cell of your body. For some it is a life saver and for others it is the cherry on the top of a long journey of self-healing.

If you feel like something is missing within then this might be the answer. It certainly was for me.

This is about feeling more at home in your own body and skin, with more of your spirit energy in every cell. During an AuraTransformation™ the existing aura is dissolved, along with trauma, blockages, undesirable thinking, mental chatter and ancestral patterns of behaviour. Not a magic wand, but a chance to do really deep and transformative emotional processing. It is the ultimate advance in becoming strong and whole, and allows you to have a fresh energetic start in life. You become clearer by the day, and become much more productive, yet relaxed and grounded. You become fully cocooned in your own love.

AuraTransformation is a treatment originating in Scandinavia 20+ years ago. It is sweeping across the globe, with over 80,000 people having had this permanent upgrade in consciousness.
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Earlier Event: 4 October
DAY TIME: AuraTransformation Talk Exeter