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What is an AuraTransformation?

  • Xcentre Commerical Road Exeter EX2 4AD United Kingdom (map)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a kick-start to your wellbeing?

That is just what AuraTransformation is about. By bringing your energetic system into balance you gain extra energy, clarity and certainty in your journey towards good emotional health and a self-directed life.

This presentation focusses on what to expect from the 4.5 hour AuraTransformation treatment and will be held in the XCentre on Exeter Quay for just £10. We will take a journey through the evolution of the the aura and ways of bringing it into balance to match the New Time energies we find ourselves in. Here is a key that can help you shed old habits and unhelpful behaviours.

Aura Transformation is about clearing the old patterns programmed into our bodies, through our energies. It isn’t a miracle, over-night cure. Instead, it’s like clearing a river of all the junk. You still have to keep yourself flowing, to work on success - but without all the debris getting in your way.

You become more grounded, centered & radiant, with access to your intuition & any dammed up potential. The individual treatment sets off a process of embodying more of your vital life force energy in every cell of your body. You breakthrough limiting behaviours, fears & beliefs. Prioritise your dreams with ease. This really is the ultimate self-care gift to yourself, the gift of embodiment, wholeness, a strong energetic boundary & protection.

It is excellent for those working closely with people & other energies, or feeling stuck in a loop. It can also develop a deeper connection with your children too. If you feel you like you’re held back and can’t quite figure out why, struggle with moods or feel as if you’re always just an inch away from a break-through, come and learn more about what an AuraTransformation can do for you.
"Sarah Jennings has given talks and treatments internationally. Her work is appreciated by all her clients, which you can see if you visit her website. Dare To Be helps you today, in the fast-paced, high-stress world we live in. Sarah supports you on a very spiritual, energetic level, but she is absolutely grounded in the here and now.

Clients include RAF pilots, firemen, teachers, mechanics - people on the front-line in high stress roles. They have noticed the very real changes and are overwhelmingly positive about their experience of Aura Transformation."

The presentations lasts approximately 1.5 hours and costs £10 before or £12 on the door. Please RSVP and paypal £10 to

AuraTransformation is a treatment originating in Scandinavia 20+ years ago. It is sweeping across the globe, with over 85,000 people having had this permanent upgrade in consciousness. Sarah has introduced this treatment to the Northern parts of the UK, as well as Cape Town South Africa and now here. She has just moved to Devon and is keen to share this life changing opportunity with you.

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The XCentre is down by the Quay. You can park at the Quay parking and it is a short walk from there.