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Launch of AuraTransformation @ The Urban Buddha


Sarah offers a treatment called AuraTransformation, which is very new in the UK. Here's what Sarah has to say about it:

'AuraTransformation™ is well established in Scandinavian countries where 75,000 people have had the permanent upgrade of the "Old Time Soul" based aura structure. Our children have been born with a different aura structure to us and AuraTransformation™ allows us to match their energy field. These books give us a big insight into our own energy as well as that of the Indigo children (1995-2008) and the Crystal children (2009- to the present). It has completely transformed my daughter and I's life. I now travel up and down the UK, to Switzerland and South Africa, introducing this amazing treatment. It is having a positive impact on many people's lives.

We dissolve trauma, blockages, mental chatter, undesirable thinking & behaviour patterns. Allowing your spiritual energy to unfold; giving room for your life purpose to emerge. Increased ability to prioritise, focus, set boundaries and to live in the present.'

For more info on Sarah and her work visit:
https://www.facebook.comDare/ to Be - AuraTransformation

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Crystal Gathering
Later Event: 28 January
Available at the Urban Buddha All Year