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Course: New Time Lectures & Workshops - Helsinki

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Lecture about your Life Purpose

Instructor: Berit Reaver and Johanna Saari

This lecture deals with the Crystallization Process, the Golden Energy and how to fulfill your Life Purpose by using this new time energies which are now available through AuraTransformation

Intensive weekend course on Planet Knowledge

Instructor: Anni Sennov

This is an intensive 20-hour knowledge attainment course that covers knowledge of the energies of the Earth’s nearest spiritual hinterland, corresponding to the planets mentioned in Anni Sennov’s Danish book “The Planet Energies Behind the Earth’s Population 2005″.  The course is aimed at the aura-transformed and specifically for therapists and other individuals and leaders who deal daily with widely different types of people and have a responsibility to understand these types as well as to bring them into cooperation.

The planet interpretation method includes the following:

  • Understanding the difference between path to Earth of the Soul Energy, the Indigo Energy and the Crystal Energy
  • Understanding the transition from the Crystal Energy to the Golden Energy
  • Learning about the energy constellations in various countries
  • Learning which countries are included in the Crystal Triangle and the Golden Square

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