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Love, Sarah



Jasmina Cordall, Brighton, November 2015

“Your treatments have helped me discover a more creative part of myself. I feel the session taught me a valuable technique for knowing the self, I’m calling it the self-integration process!

You helped me find ways of accessing more energy on the spot, processing frazzled feeling, dealing with personal and creative work load. The use of visualisation has been very powerful and gets results. It might help a bit that I’ve had AT as well! But these are simple tools that have a direct effect.

I am very happy with the Skype session. These self-exploration tools are really interesting. I’ve had a few ‘lightbulb’ moments where I’ve realised where I may be holding myself back and disengaging from my life and relationships with others. I’ve had my eyes opened-up to how much power I’m giving away to [others]. It’s good to have tools to use for your own discoveries about yourself.

Vito Mucci, NYC, February 2017

"Sarah Jennings is a fiercely open hearted woman who is dedicated to herself, her daughter, and her clients in such a strong way that I feel more at ease with the world as a whole just knowing her."

Georgia, Lancaster, September 2015

“Sarah’s sessions are simple but revolutionary. We have the power to heal ourselves – everything within us, and in doing so empower ourselves. Sarah connected me with that power.

I’ve had two sessions with Sarah. I communicated with my long-lost inner child and uncovered and released a vat of buried emotions and insecurities.
Most helpful was the guided meditation which allowed my higher self to meet the higher self of my children’s father before the council of elders, and sort out our differences without our worldly baggage. This was a really profound experience and the changes were immediate in how I could relate to him.

The most dynamic part of the treatment is to identify where there are blockages in the body caused by unresolved issues and trauma. You burn through these blockages with crystals and Sarah’s guidance.
I would strongly recommend Dare To Be VITAL session. If they were taught in schools, they would revolutionise society!

Katya, Cape Town, SA November 2016

"Working with Sarah helped me move my mind, body and emotions into the now, and helped me break through everything that was keeping me rooted in the past. From a place of heaviness, indecision and over-analysing, Sarah’s Consciousness Sculpting tool helped me feel physically and mentally, faster, stronger and I can really feel myself aligning to my true desires."

Jason, San Francisco, March 2017

"There are few individuals which you meet in your lifetime that shine a certain kind of light with their words, even fewer that clear paths to broaden your perspective and allow your eyes to see things they never saw before. The ability to truly see reforms the ability to truly heal, it revolutionizes the power of our will and breeds courage in our hearts. Knowing Sarah has reaffirmed my notions of hope as after every single one of our precious conversations, I feel empowered with secrets freshly unearthed from the cellars of my mind which carry new meaning in my everyday life. I am forever grateful to have come across this gifted spiritual pioneer, this cosmic visionary. For all those who know Sarah, we are very lucky if we have her as our guide, and blessed if we have her as our friend."

Ana, London, February, 2017

"Sarah is an innovator as well as an incredible practitioner. She combines ancient techniques with common sense in a way that fits with 21st century living."

Anon, Lancaster, October 2015

"Sarah has a calming and open nature that made me feel instantly comfortable in her VITAL session. I am quite scientific and rational in my thinking in general but went into her sessions with an open mind. I was both impressed and a bit surprised how powerful the techniques and visualisations are. They help de-clutter my mind and help me with some aspects of my life.  Working with Sarah through her sessions has made me more at peace with myself and others. I was able to commune and make peace with a baby I miscarried, which was so profound and needed at this time." 

Sarah works internationally in the UK, South Africa and Switzerland, as public speaker and practitioner. A highly experienced Aura Mediator with AuraTransformation and practicing Creative Kinesiologist, Sarah draws on a huge resource of personal experience to help people embrace their true essence and connect to their own, free-flowing power by teaching powerful tried and tested self-healing tools.