“It has been 6 months since I had my AuraTransformation. For the last 3 months, on and off, I have been scribbling feedback in my head and every time I conclude that this is not the kind of thing I can put into words.

I am not an airy fairy type of person but I do trust life and the places and situations life puts in front of me. I met Sarah on a roll or happenings and events that very naturally led me to being in room in Lancaster 1 month after meeting Sarah in Brighton.

My AuraTransformation set me on a journey where I have been roaring high up while being amazingly rooted and centred. It unleashed a potential that used to have a will of its own and that I couldn’t harness except that.... Now I can harness it.

I have never been shy of processes and processing stuff.  Even hard stuff.  I never shy away from bumpy roads. But after the AT these processes and even bumpy roads are walked with a sense of immense love and connection, along with an extreme practicality (that was very welcome).  

There is a sense of clearness, of where to aim.  Inspiration, that didn't use to necessarily evade me, just came rushing but without the anxiety or making it all work at the same time as a mad scientist - things come and mature and there is a practical plan connecting the dots.
As a consequence, things started happening more naturally and old projects and wills suddenly came to life after what feels like little effort.
At the same time, the to do list and dream list actually reduced to half of what it was - being alligned and in myself but with connectedness makes what is less true disappear without major letting go problems or exercises.

I could write it was life-changing except it wasn’t... It was utterly life-enhancing and love-flooding. I didn’t change, I became more deeply and strongly myself.

I could write it was life-changing except it wasn't... It was utterly life-enhancing and love-flooding. I didn't change, I became more deeply and strongly myself.
Joy. Joy is another big one. Joy doesn't come in little flashes and subject to mood swings - joy exists and IS here to stay.
Life has become effortless, even the bumpy patches.

I strongly recommend an Aura Transformation to anyone interested in self development and believes in becoming a better person to make it possible to create a better world. Buckle up your belts. Brace yourself. Get going. You will look back sometimes, just to marvel at the journey.”

Sofia Dias


Sofia Dias

When I work with you I put myself in service to you, I become a mirror for you. I believe we are here to help each other coach our spiritual energy into the Now.

You are an inspiration to me and I would love to hear your stories even if you have not had an AuraTransformation™ and I may have inspired you on the way. So, please contact me privately to share your thoughts or join in with comments on my facebook page.

Many wonderful thanks to you.
— Sarah J